I'm a blogging addict perhaps.

So far i have self diagnosed myself a number of times. CIPD. Hemorrhoids (duhh). Hypovitaminosis (lack of vitamins). Now i want to add to that plethora of diagnoses with "blogging addiction".

Tomorrow, Liverpool FC will face Manchester United at Old Trafford. An anticipated game for every football fan world wide.

I still remember when i was a kid/teenager i would usually perform solat sunat hajat before the Man Utd-Liverpool game. My mom told me i could pray for whatever i want. So i did pray for victory for my favourite team.

Yea, for that team sponsored by Carlsberg.

Now i feel like smacking that little kid for being such a clumsy boy. How could he pray for a football team and worse, a team that promotes beer? I did it up til the age of 15 i guess, and i stopped doing it because i entered a boarding school at the age of 16 and thus, was unable to watch EPL matches.

But then again, I can't stop laughing at myself. At least i didn't do something syirik. Not that i met any bomoh to ask for Liverpool's victory.

Due to the dominance of the Mancs, most of the time we ended up losing. But that didn't stop me from praying over and over again.

But now i am older (the receding hairline says it all), i got to know what is right and what is wrong, who is handsome and who is not, and how an iPhone works.

There are much more meaningful things to pray for, and Liverpool FC is not one of my agenda nowadays. And also i am not praying for a better physical appearance i.e. to be more handsome.

Whatever tomorrow brings, i will be content with it.

You'll never walk alone. Come on ye mighty Reds!

PS : I've written something rather simple on my other blog.