Orang kata rambut tu mahkota,
tapi aku tak suka jadi raja.
biar ku jadi orang biasa.
atau mungkin hamba yang setia.

Apabila kebotakan melanda,
rambut hilang dari kepala,
biar botak kepala,tidak mengapa,
jangan botak budi bicara.

*i've been trying to think the positives of being bald. First, i don't have to comb. Second, i don't have to take a bath if i wake up late. Third, it is easier for me to mandi wajib since i am sure the water will run down to my skin. Fourth, i will look more handsome. Fifth, less resistance, lighter head. hah.

*watching my university team winning futsal at the recent Volgames 09 was great. It was not Liverpool or Kedah. The venue wasn't Anfield but the memory will last long enough in my head. I didn't care much about other sports, as long as we won gold in futsal (male) i would be more than happy. Although i was a bit emo. I'm sorry.

*i will probably try to finish the following novels i haven't had much time to read. I've only finished Douglas Coupland's microserfs, which i like very much. There's Hunter S. Thompson's Rum Diary, El Macca by Steve McManaman, Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor and Fight Club, Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and Great Jones Street and American by Don DeLillo. I'm such a slow reader i don't know when will i finish them. Plus i should be reading medical books instead.

*i'm changing my mind.


KamaL said...

dude! closing down the blog??? apsal??

QifA said...

haha..publicity stunt je kot.i can stil change my mind.

Yopiscky said...

wah apa dah jadi ngan rambut ang beb..?tuang tonik rambut ah

QifA said...

tonik rambut?tolong bli sebotol untuk aku matyop.