Few people know that i have a deep affinity towards journalism. Some misheard it and thought i was a son of a journalist mother. Funny. Really.

So i had the chance at the recent Volgames to report on some events although i was not directly involved with the editorial board. It was really an honour, albeit it was a small scale publication, but i appreciated the request and without even a miligram of complaints, i agreed to help my friend. Although i did scold him for crediting my name to the report. The reports were sub average since i had other things to do. I preferred the pen name Sgt. Weener Arms but honestly i'd be happy if there's no mentioning of any names.

In my early teenage years, i read a lot about music and tried to understand the history and significance of albums, songs, singers and bands to try and correlate the old and new school music. So if Radiohead says they are influenced by Pink Floyd, then i would have to listen to Pink Floyd to note any similarities of their music. Back then, of course i had a band and had dreams of making it big in the underground scene.

Then another thing i did was, i became a backstage guy for the grand dinner night (food sucked, sorry guys!). I had always wanted to help carry those big amps up on stage, set up guitars and stuff, so yeah, i had fun doing such jobs although i only carried some tables and a few chairs to the stage. And i broke the cardinal rule of appearing on stage : i wore a white t-shirt. If i am not mistaken those people had to wear black.

So there's always this underground philosophy in me of trying to obscure myself in some ways or another. After years of being the front line people, it was good to retreat to the backstage and work behind closed doors. I guess i was tired of having meetings and stuff with superiors, and directing people, that it was time for me to get some real jobs and learn a lot. Experience counts ya'll.

The spotlight seems to be my biggest enemy nowadays. I disdainfully hate being the centre of attention.

So, that's the reason why i guess i don't put up pictures of myself that much. The primary reason i am not having a facebook account is probably my attachment to this underground philosophy. Although i've given some other reasonings beside this one.

People have asked me, 'how will i keep in touch with people then?'

Well, there's always the e-mail and chatting and sms and all that. And facebook is becoming more towards an entertainment website of its own breed.

I've been exchanging emails with a friend who is a law student at UIAM. Apparently he is having his practicals or something like that, chasing PROSTITUTES around the Plaza Low Yat area. He had to climb up the stairs up to the 27th floor for all the action! You must be thin now Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Bwahahaha.

So, if anything, just e-mail me. I'll gladly reply it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

very cool..
love it..


QifA said...

uFo? show your id