Life support.

The laptop got infected and passed away on a Saturday night.

Unmiraculously, i brought it back to life on a Sunday evening. For a milisecond of my precious life, i thought of finding a replacement. Apple's Macbook sits on top of the list. Oh, and there's only one option in the list.

But i love my laptop too much, no matter how extensively chronic the machine is.

I took the chance to delete most of my songs (a lot) while reformatting it. So now, i'm literally suffering from withdrawal syndrome due to my addiction to those songs. Theoretically, they work in the same way as morphines do. When you get high, your body starts to produce these chemicals, these endorphins and they act on your opioid receptors and as a result, the music hits you and you get high.

Now, check me into rehab for music addiction.

I don't mean to brag or boast, but i lived as a musical jukebox for the most part of my life. Last week it was Animal Collective's 'Grass' playing in my mind. Now, Joy Division's anthemic 'Love will tear us apart.' At times some ambient post rock backtracks (either Explosions in the Sky's 'Memorial' or Damn Dirty Apes' 'Rebel Scum').

Now, it's the desintoxicating period.

Back to life.

I finished reading Douglas Coupland's Microserfs last April. Someone went to New York and got me the book as a gift. A marvelous fiction that chronicled the buzz of 90s' technology development in Silicon Valley and how geeks are able to rule the world.

Sometimes i wish we are able to communicate through a computer in real life. One of the reasons i write is because i am rather untalkative. I prefer to chat instead of talk. Maybe i'm too self conscious of my voice or looks.

I need to change my outlook. My future patients won't have the same idea as i do.

And if only i could insert some RAM to speed up my brain, or to delete some data or to install something as easily as a software. Yes, i know some of you would like to block some person from your life as simple as blocking the pop up windows from your web browser.

The one thing missing is emotion. Machines and computers can't duplicate emotions and that is, my dear friend, the essence of life.

Emotions man, emotions.

Will we see the day when our lives will be reduced to some microchips or drivers imprinted with our conscious, memories and feelings? And plug them in some robot, live forever? I doubt that will happen, but with the rapid bullet train like development of technology, anything goes.

Anything goes in the digital world.

And yes, a simple calculator is able to solve 12231 x 43291 in a split second but in reality, our brain is more superior than a supercomputer.

So, i am going to stop being a musical jukebox and concentrate on fulfilling the prophecy of becoming a geeky supercomputer.


jatdin said...

i myself sometimes feel that chatting is so much easier than talking. and yes i hate talking too.. some ppl talk too much it annoys me A LOT! haha

QifA said...

owh hell yeah. i don't mind people blabbing as long as it makes sense. hehe