1. My house cat was castrated last week. He is literally ball-less now.

2. There were cysts and he needed an operation. He was rather rough towards the vet, and they had to sedate him for a mini operation. He was rather scared the last time i brought him to the vet and he peed inside the cage.

3. The vet took the opportunity to castrate him so that he won't stroll around that often and hopefully, he will just stay in the house.

4. Those ticks were getting the better of him. They hop onto his body while he is busy socializing with some stray female cats. STDs. Socially transmitted disease.

5. His libido will decrease tremendously now that his testosterone resources are cut off. A male cat loses 1/3 of his life once he is castrated. He still retains the other 2 portions - eating and sleeping.

6. I hope he doesn't fall into depression. I wish i could find a female cat to just take care of him. Get them married of something.

7. "I now pronounce you cat husband and cat wife. You may lick your cat bride and enjoy Friskies together til the end of your 9 cat lives."

8. He used to have a girlfriend but my mom never sanctioned that relationship. She kept eating his food and left him hungry.

9. That happens when a guy or a male thinks with his balls. Now, he has all the time in the world to think with his brain and fulfill his real intellectual potential.

10. Go learn chicken language and ask them, 'Why did you guys cross the road?'. Or dog accent.