1. Scientists named the pathogen Brucella after the name of David Bruce, the pathologist who discovered the microbe. If one day, yes, one day, i were to discover one new disease or pathogen, would they name it Fikriosis? That sounds cool. But in the end, i would prefer to name it after the town where i am from. Yes, the Alor Setar Syndrome sounds super uber cool. Or Alorosis Setaritis.

2. Now i can see why people love twitter. It's because people don't have time to write lengthy articles or blog that often. They could just twit their status, how short it may be and people would reply to it. Life is moving on the fast lane. It's the age of instant noodles.

3. I am planning to enter blog4ft's competition. It's simple. You have to create a positive buzz about Federal territories through blogging. I am going to refine my post about Stadium Merdeka and if you find it good enough, you can vote for my entry. I have an idea looming in my head about Lorong Haji Taib and the notorious aura surrounding the area. But that would not create a positive buzz, would it?

4. In some unrelated stub, my former bandmate who once claimed that he planned to be single all his life got engaged last month. A grunge that he was, he looked the most unlikely to get married since he was ultra shy. But yeah, it brings a whole lot of personal meaning to the oft repeated phrase, 'Kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan.'