I had a few discussions with Mr. Milky and we have decided to bury the hatchet. We are now on equal terms and i am drinking milk without any protests in the form of stomach upsets. So yeah, i have been enjoying bowls of cornflakes lately and enjoy them very much. Don't know what happened a few months ago when i ended up diarrheating after drinking milk, but now i'm back to my normal ways.

Health savvy might not be precise, but we have been controlling our diet together, as roommates. Less oily foods, regularly taking bread, and all that. I've asked my roommates to take vitamins because minus the hypotension cum food poisoning that i had, i am feeling better and rarely go sick like i used to after my regular daily intake of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant to protect our cells and fish oil capsules rich with vitamin E to make my sperm more motile, active, handsome and all that, and zinc tablets.

I used to neglect the health issue even though i am a medical student but now i've realized that my metabolism is failing me as i grow older and any extra food intake ends up making my tummy bigger and my butt bulkier. Now you have to think of healthcare the same way you're going to think of bills after bills and taxes, loans and downpayments and all that in the future.

You know how we used to eat THAT much in our teenage years and never end up putting weight. I also had a bad habit of letting the water run while brushing my teeth and never switching off the lights when not in use while i was younger. So now, yeah, i am thinking of my health more often (gotta be selfish), and try not to waste water and electricity because i will end up paying bills by myself instead of my mama.

And owh, accidentally, there's a research about ugly men producing more sperm. So, today, officially, i am an ugly Japanese guy. I am sure you'll faint when you meet me. See that Panda up there, that's why i don't put my own picture there. Seriously, let's just stop talking about my face because i'm nauseating.

One thing i've improved on is my intake of carbonated soft drinks. I've significantly reduced drinking those unhealthy liquid candies, only to be replaced by the sweetness of condensed milk in my Neslo. But yeah, that's a good step forward. I'll eventually kick away the habit of adding 2 table spoons of condensed milk into my hot drinks sooner or later.

2 days ago, we watched 'Super Size Me', a documentary about the fast food culture in America. It chronicles this guy who takes only McDonald's for 30 days, 3 times per day and how it affects his health. I don't know much about McD's ties with Zionism, but by watching the documentary and how it affects our health, it will be more than enough to motivate us to stop taking these fast foods. The majority of American dietitians and nutritionists opined that we should not be taking fast food at all.

It's this vicious cycle that continues on and on. Fast food restaurants spend billions on advertisements alone, and attack primarily kids which is a shrewd marketing strategy. The playgrounds and funhouses and toys, of course kids could easily fall for such ads. McD is also actively involved in some educational and charity programmes so that they may acquire this goodwill image. Before the documentary was made, 2 American girls with the help of activists decided to sue McDonald's for making them obese, but of course they lost the lawsuit since they could not prove that only McDonald's exclusively was causing them to be obese.

Of course, you're going to say it's a conscious decision and to eat fast food once in awhile won't do no harm. But always bear in my mind that there are better options than those synthetically made beef of theirs. McD even states that 'it is a matter of common knowledge that any processing that its foods undergo serve to make them more harmful.' It is a matter of choice. John Robbins, son of the co founder of ice cream outlet Baskin and Robbins walked away from the business which could have turned in millions for him because he thought that ice cream was the cause of death of his uncle, Burt Baskin, at the age of 46. Of course, that was due to a very high intake of ice creams.

I won't be hypocritical here, i put a lot of MSG in my food, another bad habit i will try to stop in the future. And besides fast foods, there are a lot of restaurants out there that serve unhealthy food. Having said all that, i am putting myself up for public humiliation if you end up watching me munching on Burger King or KFC. So, here's the deal. If that day ever comes, come up to me and give me a big fat slap on the back of my head. Yes, i do mean it. Just come up, identify yourself as a reader on my blog, wait, it would be more honorable not to introduce yourself and just slap me with all your energy.

It's easy to recognize me. I am that ugly looking Japanese guy with those healthy sperms.


Kamal said...

reading this post made me hungry until the last paragraph. *pukes* hahahaha.

QifA said...

Owh Kamal. It's purely medical on my part. Do take your vitamins. And if you're hungry, i would suggest for you to take less oily foods like i do these days and consider a more wholesome diet.

eyucks said...


QifA said...

hoho..jepun skitt