1. Holidays are here. Final winter holidays, could possibly be the final days of enjoyment/relaxation since the working life ahead is just around the corner.

2. I would like to finish reading a few books. Don DeLillo's Americana is getting heavier day by day. Only 50 pages left but i've lost a bit of interest in the storyline. It's way too artsy for me. Then there's The Call of the Wild by Jack London which i've been reading on my iPhone. On the religious front, i've been reading a portion of Al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum al-din, 'Wonders of the heart'. I'm half way through it. I'll try to summarize and share what i've got from the book later. Another book i wish i should start reading is Professor Thomas Arnold's The Spread of Islam in the World.' And hopefully then, i could begin 'The Master and the Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov. Caiyok!

3. I've just eaten a bowl of cornflakes and muesli with bits of chocolate chip cookies. Banana slices would make it perfect, but i didn't bring enough money to the kiosk just now. Our diet has been quite stable lately, we've been eating less fried foods, and at times we only eat bread for dinner. The only setback was my sudden craving for potato chips these last few weeks but now it has stopped.

4. Herald has finally been granted permission to use the word 'Allah'. There are opinions that it is good for dakwah, which, yes, i could relate to. Alhamdulillah, i'm still a Muslim but at the same time, i do realize that there are those who don't even know the real Islam although they were born Muslims. Ayah Pin, Rasul Melayu and some other unknown cults have managed to infiltrate their teachings. So what would happen if someone presents their teachings to these people, using the word 'Allah' ? There should be a need to propagate Islam even more, of course and a restudy of Islamic education in Malaysia. I don't know the implications of such actions right now or in the future, but i just can't agree. But if one day it is finalized, and they have the rights to use it, then Allah knows better.

5. I thought of changing the design for this blog since some of my friends just don't like it, but i just love the simplicity of the design. I've added a few more websites on the list to your right, so happy surfing.