Samsung SGH-C120

The feeling of having a new handphone is.....orgasmic? Nah. I can't quite use that word. But in a sense it does feel different.

Face it Afiq. You're technophobic. How could you handle a touch screen keyboard when you've been accustomed to handphones with those monophonic ring tones? So i really do need a few weeks for adaptation.

Jeez. I've never bought a handphone on my own before the Apple iPhone. I still remember the first one i had. A Nokia Butterfly which i treasure the most, a gift from my mom. I got it few days before my SPM and it was one of the most expensive phones at that time. But there was the premature shut down syndrome, due to the exhaustion of its battery which couldn't be charged anymore. So i was forced to use another handphone.

Luckily, i didn't have to buy a new one on my own. On my 20th birthday, my friends bought me the handphone in the picture above. A Samsung SGH-C120. And up til today, it has been the greatest companion in my life. It has always been there in my left pocket whenever i need it.

Nothing much. Monophonic ring tones. Camera absent. No MP3 player. No techno geeky stuff. It fits the definition of a basic handphone. Call and sms. Actually the multi color screen differs it the from my Nokia Butterfly. That's it. But i love it a lot.

My own.
My precious.

It wakes me up. I write the ideas i have for my blog in the planner. And my class schedules and timetable and my assignments, all are in there. I save some notes and reminders in it. Whoever had the idea to buy it for me and spared their money, i appreciate it very much. A big thanks from the deepest depths of my heart.

The thing is, i don't really like touch screens. Some are overly sensitive, and you don't really get that physical satisfaction of the keyboard/keypad since i very much like to type. But it just hit me. I've been fooling around with my friend's iPhone and i thought it was the handphone i've been waiting for all these years. With phones, they just evolve at a vast rate which makes you wonder when is the right time to buy one, since tomorrow might bring a new and sophisticated handphone. And lately, handphones have become more than just phones. With smartphones and PDAs, they've become these mini computers we have become dependent upon.

Overdependent some might say. Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, the vice chancellor of USM wrote in an article a few years back, how people these days tend to make decisions not independently, but they make it after making some phone calls even for simple tasks. So it makes the process of maturation and decision making traits lacking. I'm not saying this idea is entirely wrong, but i can't see such major decisions being made by just a phone call or sms.

But i do agree on the nuisance and disturbance handphones bring. From loud ring tones to annoying conversations in public, i do wonder at times how important are those phone calls?

Are they necessary?
Death threats?
Marriage proposals?
Business deals?

For God's sake, switch off your mono/poly/mp3 ring tones in lectures, mosques and if possible in public places! Well just turn it on to wake you up in the morning. Here is a lament of a mother in NST about handphones.

Whatever it is, to be honest i'm quite scared of the iPhone. It looks so fragile and i'm so careless.


Hope everything goes well with my new phone.


Kamal said...

i thought of getting an iphone too, but i already had an ipod. for me a phone for me is just merely a device to call and text message. ive got my own camera, so i dont need a 5mpx phone camera. i use prepaid, so surfing the web with an iphone/PDA is impossible. i dont need to surf the net in class anyway.

heck, i spend 15 euros for 3 months minimum for the credit. haha. i change phones because 'the public' told me too. you dont want yourself to be outdated eh? woahahaha.

but still i see a bunch of people still use the nokia 3310 here.

btw, how about mobile blogging next time? in class maybe? that'll be cool. hehe

QifA said...

If ever there was a chance of reverting back to the golden age of 3310s, that's just awesome. Nokia should be releasing a newer modernised version of 3310.

15euros for 3 months? That's quite a bargain.

blogging in class?hope i dont get caught.hehe