The backside boy in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 2007. Although it is a shopping arcade, it was more of a luxurious free museum for people who couldn't afford to buy luxurious goods such as Prada, D&G and all those stuff. I just love this picture taken by Helmi Zakariah. The Deuter backpack, Puma Sky High II, McDonald's large cup and with me standing against the rat race.

This was back in 2006. This will forever be one of my favourite pictures ever, taken by Hidayatil Alimi. Since Real Madrid is one of my favourite teams ever (behind Liverpool), the significance of this picture is unquestionable. There's this geometrical balance of me right between "REAL" and "MADRID". I'm much bigger now, i think the 2009 version of this picture would be me in between the words "REA" and "ADRID".

There some more backside pictures but this one in Venice with me staring across the vessels of Venice is just class.
El magnifeco.

I just love these backside pictures. I don't have a clue why.


13 said...

ni apa ni tunjuk bontot ni..sensitip.haha

QifA said...

bontot aku semat

Kamal said...

still with the baggy pants eh?

QifA said...

yeah..still.hoho..tu zaman dulu, tapi skrg pn baggy gak..hehe..same ol me i gez