"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you."

Those are the words of the culling song in Chuck Palahniuk's highly acclaimed novel "Lullaby". Whenever the it is sung to anyone, or when the song plays in the mind, the particular person, to whom the song is directed to,dies. Such a power so enticing, so seductive.

And so poison. Out of anger, you could possibly kill anyone you want! And could anyone possibly control power once they have it. Anger is part of everyday life and with this song, you may become one heck of a serial killer. Hunger and thirst for power just grows on and on.

Wish i could use this spell to admonish those warlords of Israeli.

The Flaming Lips' The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song exhibits the struggle to contain power. Something to ponder upon.

If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch, would you do it?
And so we cannot know ourselves, or what we really do.
With all your power, what would you do?

And now here i am complaining of the malignancy of Malaysian politics. Party hoppings. Name slanderings. Obsessive ideologies.

My conscious is clear. I'm a supporter of Dr. Mahathir and his ideas, because he has done so much for the country. Of course, i am not obsessive about him. He's not perfect after all. A lot of allegations of bribery. He's been labelled un-Islamic. Liberal. Racist. So on and so forth. I've critised and disagreed with his ideas a number of times, but by merit, he has done much more than just blabbering and bickering at the parliament. He has elevated Malaysia to a new level and his successors should be looking for ways to improve Malaysia, but sadly Mr. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was just the wrong pick by Dr. Mahathir. Islam Hadhari? What the heck is it?

My stand is clear. Politics is dirty. Some people just couldn't accept someone who supports the opposing party. Feel that hatred in there? Some put labels on this and that. Those in power use money to succeed. You are either sucked in that dirty hole or washed away by the tide. Power and money are seductive, anyone could fall into the trap.

The question is, what are these politicians stand for? Their party ideologies or the spirit to serve society? Money or power? With the current wave of political tsunami going about in Malaysia, you have to wonder where Malaysis is heading.

BN has been intoxicated by power for far too long. Absence of power makes the heart grow fonder and they have been trying their best to recoup what they have lost. Perak is just a stepping stone of their continued hunt for ways to reach the zenith of Malaysian politics after their unconvincing victory is the GE. They control the media. Utusan is becoming far too influenced by the government. Do they even have articles from a neutral perspective nowadays? I don't think so. Their dirty ways are quite obvious. I remember one statement/question made by my friend, who studies law at UiTM last summer.

"Kalau suruh sorang-sorang ahli UMNO sumpah tak terima rasuah, siapa berani?"

When it comes to the purpose of politicians, they should be serving the people. Rather than just championing their ideologies, wether for racial or Islamic purposes, they should listen to what people have to say. Consider microproblems before thinking big. I loathe and detest the public transport system of Kedah, mainly Alor Star. Since the days of BN til the Pas led state government, they haven't looked too much in this matter. My mum told me how patients from the rural areas had to take taxi rides which are expensive instead of bus trips to get to the hospital. Why couldn't these so called people's choice do something to rectify such small problem?

And now to the unethical party hopping trend. Anwar Ibrahim must be getting a taste of his own medicine, after being fooled by that Bota assemblyman. Remember who preached for the 16th September takeover? History also shows that BN has been involved in accepting party hoppers long before Anwar Ibrahim's idea of the takeover. In this matter, i wholeheartedly support Karpal Singh who has been talking about laws to prevent party hopping. It's simply immoral and unethical to say the least, because those who voted for them were supporters of their previous political parties. It is an act of treason. The old guard of Malaysian politics even lambasted his contemporaries, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang due to their inconsistent views on this matter.

And this guy Anwar Ibrahim, who managed to force a threesome political alliance who are never in tune with each other, desire power more than anything else. Pas wants an Islamic state. DAP doesn't want it. Maybe they prefer a secular state. Anwar, with his masters in oratory skills, managed to force this marriage in order to fulfil his dreams of presiding the illustrious Prime Minister post.

All i can say is those politicians, they don't deserve your vote. They should go to rehab for their money/power addiction. You wish for these things to change, but maybe it will come pretty soon. But wishing and hoping for a cleaner political scene have become obsolete. The virus has rooted deep in the tradition and no anti viral drug is able to kill it.

"Politicians think of the next election, statesmen think of the next generation". Just to share a quote from a friend.

Actually, I don't like to talk politics. I allow myself this time to break this boundary.

Let's hope this malignancy of Malaysian politics can be cured.

PS : First class was cool. We were like kids in that Medical psychology class. We had to draw something with the theme , "my home my country". I drew the Kedah Flag, a ball (to symbolize Kedah as footballing champions), paddy and also 3 women (my mum and 2 sisters, although they don't really look like women).
And the lecturer asked, "what is the purpose of life?". I typed that in my previous post of the 56th verse of Surah Adh-Dhariyat last night. How ironic is that?


Kamal said...

dude, i think you have the capability to write more than this. go do some digging and blog about it here.

btw, isn't calling these party jumpers frogs an insult to real frogs in general? hahaha.

p/s: i love the bass in the yeah yeah yeah song.

QifA said...

generally, i dont like to talk much about politics. ive dug deep into political articles few years back, but the sheer amount of emotional outburts without ever knowing the truth just doesn't excite me.

frogs or kangaroos. you be the jude.

haha. It's been awhile since i last heard that song. just to make the point of reference of the lyrics

13 said...

Hm..shahab perdana masih tak berubah eh dari dulu hingga sekarang?

ntah la,tumpu benda besar benda kecik tak buat susah jugak..

Apa kata ikut aku join parti PUNDAK..eheh

QifA said...

ha parti undi rosak.haha..aku baru gi..shahab perdana ok je..cuma perkhidmatan bas ke rumah aku dah sikit.tu aku bengang.

Pencari. said...

aku dengan ini mengisytiharkan ko adalah orang yang layak menerima penghormatan yang sangat tinggi harganya daripada aku.

hahah, giler touching. Hampir-hampir aku menangis membaca corak pemikiran ko.

dan shahab perdana tuh apa? hideyoshi nakata, terangkan kat aku cepat.

QifA said...

haha..maher, shahab perdana tu stesen bas alor star. selepas pembukaan shahab perdana, terdapatnya pemansuhan/pengurangan frekuensi perkhidmatan bas awam ke rumah aku, so aku x puas ati skit.

nak nangis? apa daa..haha