Which 3 year old kid drew the picture above? Gosh, i know i suck in arts. And i'm 22.

In psychology class, our lecturer asked us to draw something with the theme ,"my home, my country." And apparently, he would judge/evaluate us accordingly but not solely based on our drawings. He would take into consideration our marks in other personality tests and bla bla bla.

Could you feel the Picasso-esque artistry of the above picture? Are you able to feel that Salvidor-Daliness imaginative idea of the piece of art above? Or maybe, you're suffering from Stendhal Syndrome or hyperkulturemia, characterized by dizziness, tachycardia, hallucinations and confusion after exposure to beautiful/extravagant art? Or maybe you could taste that Vincent van Gogh spice in my piece?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then you're probably out of your mind. Loco. Go have a mental test.

That's what artsy people would classify as C-R-A-P. Excrement of the mind. Anomaly of arts. From a neutral point of view, i would classify anyone who drew it as 'pathetically unartistic unimaginative handsome person'.

However, i still want to enlighten you about the drawing above.

That is the flag of Kedah, my state of origin with the inscription 'KEDAX' beneath it. 'X' in russian language equals to the sound '-kh'. So Russians would pronounce it as "kedakh" instead of the Malay version with the -h at the back. I drew 3 items under the flag. The leftest most is supposed to be paddy, since Kedah is the ricepot of Malaysia but after my thoudsanth gaze, i don't know what it really is. It looks like bunga manggar, the ones they use in traditional Malay weddings walking down the aisle/street. But i was being Salvador Dali for a moment and drew this abstract version of paddy and walla..You've got this brilliant piece of simple art made with highlighters.

Then there's a football, since Kedah are world champions. Dude, they're on the come back trail. 2-0 against KL Naza Plus or whatever club it was, the champions are on the rise. Well, i'm not patriotic for Malaysia, i'm much more into my state, Kedah. Usually when i talk about the Kedah football team, one song springs into my mind. Owh no, here it comes again!...Biar Jasa jadi kenangan, hijau kuning lambang kemegahan, jelapang padi rapat sanjungan, negeri Kedah Darul Aman...

Then there are 3 matchstick women there, supposed to represent my mom, and my 2 sisters. Yes, to my sisters, Kak Eja, ## year old and Kak Yein, ## year old, if you're reading this, you've got to realize that you're both now are W-O-M-E-N. No offense. Just pure facts.

As for me, i'm a 22 year old manboy.

Now are you readers judging me by my drawing? Sheesh. Go get Stendhal Syndrome instead.

I think if i ever put this up on deviantart thingy, i will be banned for life the next second.

Blacklisted User : Afiq Azmi. Reason : A disgrace to the world of art.

Art is hard.


13 said...

tunggu result kelate lawan kedah khamis ni.haha

agak2 time aku nanti dia suruh lukis apa pulak..

QifA said...

hoho..harap2 kedah menang lagi

Yopiscky said...

jelapang padi 'tempat' sanjungan bro..
aku ada video karaoke lagu tu haha

QifA said...

haha..yaka matyob..malaih nak tukaq..silap pulak.dari kecik aku dok ingat rapat sanjungan