Dear Chewbacca,

Now that you're immobilized and going to die, you finally have a name! Well, you're not as fuzzy as Chewbacca, but you can't quite talk human and so does he.

We've been through a lot, Chewy. I wanted to call you Lappy Toppy but that sounds too gay and so uncool. Now you sit soundly on top of the Puma box. Biding your timing. You can't be moved here and there. You're just waiting for your time to go away.

If you're human, then there must be a lot of wires and tubes, needles and IV systems to save you. The defibrillator stands by your bed. The oxygen tank is full. Resuscitation measures. Most probably, you would be in an intensive care unit.

Your circuits are now cancerous. Your hard drives are hemorrhaging. Some keys on the keyboard are stuck, as if there are kidney stones underneath it all.

In other words, your keyboard is calcified.


Don't mention the viruses which infected you! This bogus Russian doctor who goes by the name of Kaspersky isn't helping me much. The trojan horses, the worms, malwares and adwares have gone pass their incubation period and by now, you might be the source of infection somewhere else. Maybe you're causing a cyberspace epidemy.

Well, i didn't pay legally for the doctor's services. Sorry..

You've got scars everywhere. Your RAM might be inflamed inside out.

Chewy, this is not how i imagined it to be.

You were THE bomb. The best package when you came out of the factory.

Your edges were curvier than Angelina Jolie's. Now it has become crooked down to my recklessness. I dropped you off my bed. Bad landing.

The sticker on the top of the screen says ,' 30% more screen information, 15.4" HI-DEF WIDESCREEN, 18% larger picture when viewing widescreen movies.'

Thanks. You made the experience of watching Jessica Biel on this screen 18 % larger, and probably 18 % more real. Or is it 30%?

You were more seductive than Miss Universe. We spent those nights together, just you and me in the dark starry silent nights, illuminated by the far reaching moonlight.

The e-mails. The posts on my blogs. Just by being with you, inspiration comes pouring down. And of course, the secrets that we shared.

How i wish they would last forever.

Maybe i will opt for a macBook. Maybe a Hewlett Packard. But for now you have earned my respect. I will still be touching your skin smooth oily surface of the mousepad, i will still be typing using the calcified keyboard of yours, and i will still be relying on your atherosclerosed and cancerous circuits to supply electricity. Til the day you die..

Chewy, i never really told you this..


Well, it is better to keep these feelings to myself.

To quote from the famous Russian Novel, Dr. Zhivago :

"For a moment she rediscovered the purpose of her life. She was here on earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment and to call each thing by its right name."

You're not quite a wild enchantment. You're a brainchild of some geeks who had the intentions to change the world.

By right, i need to be calling you by your right name.

Mr. Presario X1000, as it is inscribed here, thank you very much. For everything.

Yours truly. Afiq Fikri Azmi.

PS : No gayish intentions. Supposed to take pictures of my laptop, which isn't really in a bad condition (hehe) but my friend is out, and he took his camera with him. I will put them up later.