Now, please redefine a long hiatus.

The garage is yet to be decorated with cobwebs. And the items are yet to be dusty.

Now, please redefine 'addicted to blogging'.

My blood is rich with the 'crapping antigen'. Now i just want to crap. Like i used to. Albeit, i am not really good at it.

Now, please check this space.

My brain is rusty at the moment. Fungus all around the edges. Bad shape. Bad condition.

Now, take a deep breath.

And enjoy.

By the way, i am reverting back to English due to some vulgar subliminal intentions people thought i had when i blogged in Malay.


angelus_izika said...

ok..never make another dramatic exit like you did on your last post...I almost stop breathing..


QifA said... the heck u knew dis blog was updated?