I am not quite a newspaper junkie, but it has to be said that i spend more time on newspaper portals compared to other websites.

As the intense headache which got me sleeping for 12 hours on new year's eve washes away, i read the health section of New Straits Times and found out some interesting information.

"Listening to your favourite music for at least 30 minutes a day can improve heart health and promote lower cholesterol levels."

But listening to "heavy and rap" music may cause the blood vessels to shrink by 6 %.

This is funny though. "Scientists have found that listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna can improve endurance, while 18th century symphonies can improve mental focus."

Generally, listening to music encompasses all kinds of melodies, which also qualifies the recitation of Al-Quran in this category. Sometimes i think i want to study the notes of the recitation of Al-Quran, just to see the progression of its symphony. But sadly i can't read musical notes. What a downfall!

Great Islamic scholars themselves such as Al-Kindi and Al-Farabi studied musical theories. Al-Farabi even studied the therapeutic effects of music on the soul. So i guess the above news from NST is jurasically outdated.

And of course, those scholars didn't invent grunge or punk music. They scholarly experimented the scientific aspect of music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers..hmm...kinda funny to say the least. But after what they've gone through (near death drug overdosage) i could understand they have composed some songs which are soulful.

And Madonna is a grandma who needs to start realize those botox won't last forever.

Another medical information i found out was, "an extra hour of sleep a day reduces the risk of developing calcium deposits in arteries."



May Maal Hijrah 1430/ New year 2009 bring more prosperity and happiness to you and me!