I read with irresistible disgust of the proposed bid from Sime Darby to purchase a 51 % stake of IJN, which is 99.99 % owned by the Ministry of Finance. Values are taken from the Star.

How much is life worth? Has humanity lost its head, with health care now a subject of economical source instead of what it really stands for?

Has the government gone nuts? Bidding the lives of Malaysians? What if another company comes in with a better offer, would they still consider Sime Darby's original bid?

First and foremost, privatisation was rapid during Dr. Mahathir's reign as Prime Minister. It lessens the burden of the government, in order to channel the money to finance other projects. And yes, there are positives and negatives of it all. Look at Telekom Malaysia, the provider of our beloved Streamyx. Telekom has become a little bit big headed in a sense that they know that they are the only broadband providers in Malaysia. And hence, their services are not well maintained, because the money keeps on flowing for them.

The plan to sell IJN was scrapped after intense pressure from the people, claiming that IJN is for the Rakyat. Sime Darby claims that they can improve the facilities there, and that the charges would remain the same, but there is no honesty-meter to prove that they're not fooling around with us. When the core purpose is money and the activity is business, it's hard to believe these knuckle heads at Sime Darby whatever they're feeding us through the mainstream media.

Maybe there's a political ploy, but i would leave that for conspiracy theorists.

We are all having a perception that if Sime Darby takes over, the prices would go double or triple. And they would ask us to pay for some unnecessary tests and procedures. The question now is, what is the current cost for treatment in IJN? Does it really serve the rakyat as it is purported to be?

Well, you could read what this guy had to say. For those lazy bums out there, i will try to explain it.

Mr. Joe Average (according to the letter) was referred by HKL to see a cardiologist at IJN. There, he was informed that he needed an angiogram (medical imaging method to visualize blood vessels) and the insertion of stent (a tube to be inserted in the lumen of a blood vessel). That would cost a whopping RM 20,000! He decided to ask for financial assistance, and he needed to submit a spectrum of documents before he was told that they could only pay half the original cost.

Bureucracy at its best.He needed another RM 10,000 from his own savings.

Luckily, he had a friend in University Malaya Medical Centre and he had the same treatment plus the cost for hospitalisation for around RM5,700 in UMMC.

Do they even highlight these stories in Buletin Utama?

See the difference? Who are IJN actually serving? The Rakyat? Or some old politicians, rich ministers, fat and slobby datuks, some bearded shaggy looking tan sri who actually should be getting their treatment at some other prestigious medical establishments?

These aristocrats. Rich yet stingy.

From a personal aspect, i don't have plans to work for a private medical hospital/clinic later on. The pull of money is there, that gravitational ringgit urge, but i just don't think i belong there. But then again, who knows? Maybe i might end up being a greedy handsome looking doctor 10 years from now.

With money, it is not about how much you get. It is about the utilisation, what do you spend your money on. Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, the richest bumiputera in Malaysia spent half of his earnings for the poor when his salary was merely RM1500 when he started working.

Look where he is now? A billionaire. And he established his own foundation which is located very near to my house in Alor Star.

That's a bit off the topic. Haha.

We are all potential patients of IJN. You and me, he and she. So now please go exercise, stop smoking, stop taking excessive fatty foods.

Preferrably, go play football and support Liverpool FC. That's good for your heart.


Aiza Fareena said...

Privatization is good as far as getting new and latest equipments for service upgrade to be catered to the public is concerned. It's a known fact that the devices are pretty expensive and that only private entities will be able to source for that amount of money to accommodate that. In nutshell, better equipments, better service for sick people to regain health.
But the announcement was bad-timing. It should have come at a better time i.e. after more informed due diligence has been conducted.
However, i still doubt that since we have so many MY millionaires that can donate their money to that cause, it's just a matter of whether they want to do that or not irregardless of sincerity.
You're right ... the possibility is staring us in the face ... so as of now, let's just wait and see ... cheers!

3belas said...

aku ingat kat russia je ada double standard dalam nak ubat pesakit..ni kira langgar oath la ek?

kata nak bersara?tak jadi?ehe

QifA said...

The idea of privatisation is not wrong, the timing was not wrong either..just that the principles which govern some sects of the administration.

They need to really really check the reality of health care in malaysia. go watch the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore.

Bersara?haha..kejap saja matpi..mana mana pon ada double standard. Malaysia pon berleluasa.

nabilah said...

F.Y.I, buletin utama hanya memaparkan kisah ekslusif perkahwinan datuk k n siti.haha
oh that was last year's news.latest wud have been mawi n ekin..hakhak

that kinda sucked for mr joe.but luckily at least he has a friend in UMMC.imagine those without any with the same situation.sad sad malaysia.
p/s hi kak eja!happy new year!

QifA said...

yeah...sensationalism mentality controls mainstream media..

never thought of that. yea..he was lucky.

Money matters in the world.