More than just a club

20 Dani Alves (<4 Sergio Ramos damn best right back ever)

The La Liga patch on the right sleeve

The unicef logo means that this jersey is suitable for your mom too!

I am not much of an entrepreneur but this is for the sake of being roommates.

My roommate Encik Fairuz Rahmat has mistakenly bought this clownish looking FC Barcelona 07/08 away jersey with 20 DANI ALVES on the back from He has decided to sell this jersey in order to finance the purchase of the same clownish looking jersey but with 14 CRUYFF on the back, which would make the jersey look less clownish.

The colour tone of this jersey is kinda similar to the Volgo team jersey for the upcoming Volgames 2009. Want to look a wee bit different? What are you waiting for then. There's only one in stock and it could be yours! Ideal for all Volgogradians to wear during the games.

Price : 2200 russian roubles (negotiable) - quite cheap actually, you could google the price of such jersey and try to compare the price.
Size : M

Interested? Stalk me or Fairuz himself at Room 92, Hiroshima hostel.

And please do bring some food for us. We're hungry.

Pictures taken using Canon IXUS 80. By the way, this blog is not sponsored by Unicef or Canon or even Nike.

And of course FC Barcelona < Real Madrid.