I suffer from chronic introverted personality disorder (CIPD). Not COPD. I don't smoke. Believe it or not, i've never taken a sip of cigarette. But i've tasted shisha sippings once or twice.

I will keep this post short. My friends are asking for short writings.

People close to me know that i am an introvert. I don't talk much. I keep bottling up my feelings, emotions and whatever they are inside, and at times, it will burst like that coca cola bottle you had just shaken. But of course when i am in the company of my close friends, i tend to be menacingly extrovert. And at times, sarcastic. I prefer a personal talk with someone, so that i could fully concentrate on that particular conversation.

Bipolar disorder perhaps?

I always thought that people would understand body language. Last year, i had a big fight with my roommate. I didn't confront him man to man. Just that, i didn't talk that much with him, and when he asked something i would give a short and unfriendly reply. I really thought he understood why i acted that way.

Does body language require beautiful curves and contours of the body? With this muscular 6 pack abdomen that i have, why couldn't he understand?

We had our fair share of problems and later we settled our differences and we are still roommates. And we still support Liverpool FC, even in times of pure stupidity from the Mighty Reds.

What you are reading or what you have read on this blog, maybe they are the manifestations of my introvert thoughts which i have extrovertly expressed in written form. Some of these writings have been thought about for years. Some are parts of ideas of the old blog from friendster and of my previous incarnations on blogspot. Recycled.

It might take a while for people to understand me. Heck, i couldn't even map out my own personality.

So there you go. A bit of my soul. And as i said, i will keep this one short.

I am trying to change bit by bit, you know trying to pretend being extrovert. But it's mentally hard. It's about finding a balance between introvertedness and extrovertedity. There are times when you need to talk, and times when it is better to just shut up.

My mum described my infancy as a time when i would just smile at anyone and everyone. How times have changed.

To check your introvertedness level, click here.


nge said...

tq afiq.
aku kan antara kwn2 ko yg mintak pendek2.
ni antara post yg aku bace smp abes.
wu huu..
aku introvert x?

QifA said...

ha kau la orangnya bunga. aku tujukan khas buat kau.hoho

kau introvert? hmm...kau extrovert kat cyberspace. kat forum. kat ym. hahaha...

Kamal said...

im like a 70-80% introvert. at least it's not chronic. haha.

QifA said...

Let's join the introvert bandwagon!