I've been having my biggest bout with hemorrhoid for the past 2 weeks. The flakes of feces are tainted with red spots, indicating bleeding somewhere in my rectum.

Rectalgia. Pain in the rectum.
It fissurates. It lacerates.

Hemorrhoid, according to the definition given by wikipedia, is the "presence of cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels at the junction of rectum and anus." In other words, my rectum wall swells (kebengkakan) and these swellings are filled with blood.

So there's a resistance at the exit door and the friction of my hard feces (due to lack of fibres) with the rectum wall caused quite some pain.


My diet lacks fruits. That's why my mama has asked me to eat lots of em, but being the stubborn son she has always known, i rarely take fruits.

I need more and more and more fibres.
More Bananas.
Less red pepper chicken.
Oranges are good.
Oily foods are bad.
Water and juices.
Instead of carbonated soft drinks.

Like once a year, i would eat a quarter of an apple.

An Apple a day keeps Bill Gates away.

My iPhone is working perfectly fine. Perhaps an iMac or MacBook in the future?

One thing about Apple products that never ceases to amaze me is that they are practically sterile. So far there are no known viruses which are able to infect the Mac OS.

Last week i had this surge of buzzes from friends on YM, promoting these "acai pills", which according to the advert, are able to reduce weight. Of course, these were viruses rather than actual friends who collectively decided to sell the same pills on the internet.

And then i can't log on to YM on my laptop. Error 81003005. I searched incessantly for the way to cure this virus, but even after wasting my internet credit by re-installing the YM a few times, it still won't work.


It seems funny that i've been writing about myself in these last few posts. I need to write something better pretty soon. I need to crap more, like i used to.


Jatdin said...

belilah detralex kalo ko mls mkn buah.. ahaha. bleh didapati di mana2 apteka berdekatan.

gizmo_pony said...

beli macbook fiq

QifA said...

detralex eh jatdin..aku baru dapat tau ubat apa tu..hohoho

kau nak tolak kau nye macbook ke jen..haha.pasni kau boleh buat biznez jual macbook.