The enterprising youths of Volgograd really amaze me.

Bunge's burger (rindu burger kau Nge). My classmate's chicken rice. The Hello Mama idd cards. Skype phone service. Mozac's and Kimi's iPhone businesses.

Dave is a barber on the fifth floor. Arvin is a careterer who once thought of starting up a catering business in Malaysia after he broke his leg. Kak Rita's yummy chocolate cakes. Keli's "nasi tomato" (where's my order). Fairuz's chicken chop and roti john (very rarely sold, like once a year). Fairuz is also selling t-shirts for the upcoming Volgames '09.

Endless photostat services (UMNO's, SyafiqAzimKerol's, SPR's, Dumin's) some bright, some dim. Matpih and the gang sold some t-shirts and jackets bearing the university logo.

Azzad, Christopher and Asyuk with their ticketing services.

As for me, i am a successful consumer! And i am proud to be one.

I'm greedy for money (who isn't?), but i'm just not into business. When i was a kid, I always thought it was wrong to take extra money from people. Even after understanding what business is all about, that particular ideology sticks in my mind. Business is not wrong. Wish i could be a bit Jewish or Chinese minded, you know, that business soul inside.

My mother doesn't encourage me to start a private clinic. And she isn't quite business minded. Actually she started a business few years back, rearing fish in our kampung. I can't remember what fish was it. She left it for someone to take care of it. Few years later when i asked her, she said she just didn't know what happened with that project.

So, there's this genetic predisposition. The nonbusiness gene.

When i was young, i had the intention of starting up a music shop selling cds and cassettes and dvds. So i asked my ustaz (religious teacher), Ustaz Ayob, what are the zakat rates for such business.

"Juai benda-benda hiburan ni pon dah salah dah, nak kira zakat pasaipa."


The only relevant business in Malaysia is the Mamak shop. You have Chinese, Indians and Malays together in there. It transcends the border of a mere dining shop, to an abode of unity, just like a friend mentioned in his blog a few years back. The ability to attract all races is equal to the ability of milking money out of the pockets of each Malaysian.

But the thing is, i'm not Indian. I'm a Japanese. Maybe i could twitch it a bit, darken my skin colour tone, and open a Sushi-Mamak restaurant.

You'll have capati with wasabi. Nasi beriani and Eel curry. All those sushi rolls soaked with dalcha gravy.

Then people will be diarrheating blood after each visit.

Sheeeesh. Pffffffffft. #&*(*_#*&*!(_*((#*$(!@#(~@).

I think i will just continue being a consumer.


nge said...
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QifA said...

aku pn x paham apsal comment kau kena block nge..cuba kau tulis skali lagi..hohoho..

bkn aku yang rmove kan.apa kau tules?

nge said...

terlajak perahu boleh diundur
terlajak kate buruk padahnye
terlajak komen kt blog boleh delete2 cpt2 b4 org len bace.. ha3

NB! "This post has been removed by the author."

QifA said...

jangan bimbang nge..takde censorship board kat blog aku ni..haha..kau ni mmg mamat 'kontroversi'..yaa..

nge said... kontroversi yg aku pnah wat afiq??