This is.

100th post. So what? It might not be special for you, but it is for me!

Well i had a dizziness out of nowhere while browsing through the books at Borders [Times Square]. Unwrapped books, wi-fied (curi line starbucks through my iPhone), not a lot of people there. What more can you ask for. It was a library. But as i was reading some sufi works by Rumi and Hafiz, i became dizzy, lost a lil balance and came back home. Now the headache persists.

Actually i've written more than that for the past hmm...10 months i guess. I had another 2 blogs, 'Between Faith and football' and a religion-themed (Islam to be precise) blog. Closed down both of them.

I kinda regret closing down faith and football, because i lost some stuff which i considered funny and honest. And i wrote that in bahasa Melayu which was kinda new to me.

Thought of closing this one down to a few months back, but a few friends asked me to keep on writing.

I was so flattered when i met a Malaysian student currently studying in Bandung. He told me he visited my blog for a number of times. He didn't praise my writings, but he mentioned that he recognized me by my name and the description i made of myself; i described myself as a handsome Japansese looking guy.

Hola! I do look Japanese! What a recognition!

I don't think i need a million people telling me to continue writing. A few people are enough to convince me to go on. But having a million people reading your blog would be wonderful. But for the writings to be benificial, i need to work harder.

I'm quite ambitious and demand a lot from myself when it comes to writing.

[ah poyola kau, ambitious kepala hangguk! perasan nak tulis novel, chapter 1 pon terbengkalai sudah]

A good writer knows his audience and decides on a suitable language level, tone of the writings (high or low, formal or informal). Then he or she needs to develop a style. To come out with an original transmitting voice. If the transmitter (the writer) becomes too artsy and ambiguous, then the receiver (the readers) won't be able to comprehend. (all these notes are from Reader's Digest 'How to Write and Speak Better')

Well, i've been trying to do such things. To write emotional stuff. And the only one i could come out with was the one about father's day. I thought that was a nice piece. Because i cried while i wrote it.

Does it signify that i need to cry more while i write?

But i'm not going to stop here, for complacency kills.

I don't know whether i will be able to continue writing later on in my life. But for now, i will still be churning out useless writings worth reading.

Thanks. I really appreciate your visiting my blog and wasting part of your lives reading it.


Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

10 minutes of my life. Your welcome. :)

QifA said...

it's this one am i right?

Anonymous said...

juz go on.
ignore everything wut people said at u.
the more u write, the more u can improve your language rite?

Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

Haha, I'm sorry, but no. I don't spell like that. :)

QifA said...

salam anonymous..thanks a lot for the encouragement.

ok i will try again later PBET.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking to compliment your writings later that evening but unfortunately you can't joined the dinner...

keep writing bro.

QifA said...

haha..thanx adi..not much laa..

Kamal said...

congrats. 100 posts in 10 months. photoblog aku pon baru 202 posts in 3 years. ang ni on average 10 posts per month. rancak sungguh menulis. keep on writing then, and ill keep on shooting.

QifA said...

thanks kamal :).keep your photos coming.they;re amazing.