Will one day robots rule the world, when all humanity has lost its cause?

Will there be street demonstrations against robots, for robbing all the jobs from humans?

"Hapuskan robot-robot! Hidup Manusia!"

And the robots would chuckle,"we are not even alive!".

The factories will be loaded with robots, which in the future would come cheap. Their precision is undeniably sharp. Their discipline is infinite : no complains, no fuss. Just work 24/7. No more riots from workers demanding a pay rise.

And the Honda Asimo robot is able to move freely like a human being.

Will there be robodoctors and nurses?

But what if the 'circuits duplicate emotion'? Do they have to abide to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics? Heck, do they even acknowledge Asimov in the first place?! Do they have the instincts to find out who created them, like human beings finding God?

[But there are too many atheists around]

What if they learn to have feelings, will there be intergalactic marriage between a human being and a robot?

And finally, if technology allows us to live forever by downloading all the memories and brain power into microchips as suggested by Dino Cazares the Fear factory guitarist (a industrial metal band), would you choose this option?

Having solid metal bodies and a work precision that beats a neurosurgeon. A computerised version of yourself.

I would still have to say, 'No'.