"How's work?"

"It's not a noble profession. But my results qualified me for a limited range of courses, and that was one of them."

"Then why are you still in it?"

"Because i'm not a noble person. I am known for my abilities to twist things around. Opinions are sacred man. Nobody is wrong in an argument."

"Any plans for a migration?"

"Australia. It's the ideal place for me."

"Don't you feel obliged to serve your country, your people?"

"What did the country give me that i should suddenly become charitable and serve it? Yes, i took the scholarship but i can't get rich working for the government. You'd better get out of this place."

"Well, i might not be ambitious, but i still feel there's a need to serve the people."

"That's you. When you later find out that the country doesn't give a damn of your existence, then you will regret not heeding my advice."

"You are not doing something to expect anything in return. I've been to local hospitals and when you see those people suffering, certainly there's an urge to stay in the country."

"You can still serve aborigines while you're in Australia. And please, do become a cardiologist since i may have some cardio problems later on. I'm stressed out of my work. Lying constantly."

"Stop smoking then."

"Either way, i will still get those heart diseases."

"I'm promoting a healthier lifestyle because that's what my future profession is all about."

"Take it this way. You want to get to point A. Someone travels by land, you by sea, me by air. We'll get to the destination no matter what."

"Well at least you're cancelling out one risk factor."

"I will still get there. To destination A."


"It's different you know thinking back how we grew up in Kedah. A guy like me, if i had grown up here in KL, then that would be a recipe for destruction. I could have turned out to be heartless."

"Good to know you still have a heart."

"I still have plans for marriage."

"Coming from a guy like you, that's pretty weird."

"Like i said, a guy like me could have become someone heartless if the environment was hellish enough. Environmental factors, you know, things around you that shape who you really are."

"You're one lunatic guy, demented. What about pre-enupts? Have they started to practice it here in Malaysia?"

"It's stupid man. That thing. It's like you're thinking of the possibilities of a divorce even before you tie the knot. That idea will rot your head and eventually,it will happen."

"I see."

"I've been a paranoid myself. I think of all the worst case scenarios in my life and sometimes they get the better of me. I'm thinking few steps ahead but it does give you the creeps."

"You need to see a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist."

"Beats me. I need to do some spying. A husband is cheating on her wife. See you later. Maybe in 5 years time. I wonder what will happen then."

"Yea. 5 years."