1. It was a good movie.

2. But it doesn't rank in my top 5, because it is not an excellent film.

3. After watching Americans (and only Americans) trounce aliens in most movies, it was good to see a South African male saving the universe.

4. Not all aliens are evil.

5. It was clearly a resemblance of the apartheid issue in South Africa, but on an intergalactic scale.

6. I like the way the story unfolds and the cinematography, the message is at times akin to 'Watchmen' which i watched on the way back to Malaysia last July.

7. It's this heightened state of paranoia, the uneasiness stemming from the fact that there are much superior beings living by our side; that at any split second, they are able to kill you.

8. In 'Watchmen', which was adapted from a graphic novel written by the supremo, Alan Moore, instead of aliens in District 9, there were superheroes who were above the law and have mutant like abilities (only Dr. Manhattan actually) in the movie.

9. Both movies depicted the possibilities that might materialize if such events were to take place, fiction tales with social commentaries.

10. In reality, a pandemic of paranoia towards America is a normal tradition throughout the world, since they have the abilities to wipe out countries that they deem to harbor terrorists.

11. In Malaysia, i don't think it is befitting to label it as being paranoid, but people are rising up against ISA because such act magnify ministers to the point of being 'superman', according to "Section 8(1) of the ISA provides that “if the Minister is satisfied” that a person is a threat to national security or public order, the Minister may order his detention. The Minister’s power is absolute and subjective. No prior procedural requirements or need to consult with anyone are required. Courts have no jurisdiction to review the detention order" and suppress a person's right to protect himself by defying the detainees from appeals or reviews.

12. Nevertheless, i still favour ISA, but in a less draconian modified form, as mentioned by Prof. Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi in his article in The Star.

13. Didn't i mention i wanted to write something shorter?

14. Neill Blomkamp is legend.


Kamal said...

i think this post is really focused on point no. 11 and 12. nice way of expressing your views. =)

QifA said...

yea, it was unintentional really. i don't usually read such news especially about law, but i happen to come across that one.

13 said...

tulis point2 stail che det eh?eheh

QifA said...

saja try2.haha.

Maher said...

tp memangla...kalau panjang sangat orang malas baca, heheh. pendek itu bergaya. chedet bergaya.

angelus_izika said...

nk tgk district 9!!! sini lmbat sgt nk dload..

QifA said...

tuh aa masalahnya.aku suka mengarut dalam penulisan.haha.cuba pendek2 lpas ni.

tgk helmi district 9.tgk yg dload dah la.save duit skit.