Pendekar Laut. Gangster. War casualty look.

My room mate chuckled, "My God, you're turning into one of those aliens in 'District 9'."

Arvin threatened the opposing manager, Sateesh. "If anything happens to Afiq, if he loses his sight, i'm gonna whack you for it." Source of laughter of the floor. The joker.

It all happened in a split second. That microsecond or milisecond to be precise, like those sprinters who consider time to be gold, platinum, silk or whatever they want it to be. The ball hit my right eye, and pressed on the metal frame of my spectacles and somehow it lacerated my eyed lid and and left it bruised. And the pain arrived a few moments later, with a radiating, pulsating sensation.

I squatted, hands over my face, my spectacles crushed and pieces scattered on the ground; a divorce of the lens and the rim. Disjointed and dislocated.

Then i removed my hand, and there were blood stains there. Cool. Never thought i would bleed playing football. The pain was bearable, nothing much but my visual field was acutely reduced for a moment.

It's not the first time. Since i was small, i've frequently changed glasses after being hit by a football.

But that was something new to experience.

Now, i am not a Japanese looking Malaysian anymore. I am a Frenchman, who goes by the name of Ribery. Here's a picture of the guy they call scarface in case you don't know him.

If he had worn braces and afterwards fashion a pair of sunglasses, we would look the same. I wish i could play as good as he is. Or maybe better.

Where i schooled previously, there were all boys and we only played football. Wonderful days. The freshly trimmed smell of grass, that large football field silently whispering to our ears, 'This is freedom' and we ran up and down the field full of energy.

Luckily i didn't lose my sight. At times like this, you must be thankful that you still have a pair of eyes, no matter how myopic they are. It was real blurry at first but now i'm getting better.

By the way, my head is becoming more like this guy below. So if you don't want to call me Ribery the Frenchman, call me by this guy's name. :)

I left my YM status before going to the field ,'mari kita membola sepakkan diri kita.'

And my salty statement (mulut masin) came

PS : To Nazrul, if you're reading this, i'm OK. Don't worry.


armouris said...

makan-makan beraya tu jangan makan banyak sampai sakit perut. Sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, baca info ini - Risiko Makan Banyak di Musim Raya dan Keracunan Makanan

Yopiscky said...

peh..aku rasa dulu zaman sek ren pn ang pnah kena rembat kat muka jugak time main bola..lenkali main bola pakai contact lens ya

QifA said...

haha..banyak kali sangat.aku tak ingat mana satu.orang bukan pengemas sangat macm aku susah sikit pakai konteklens.hehe

Jutawan Senyap said...

hehe...macam pendekar laut...betul2..

QifA said...

haha.aku tak baca pendekar laut.aku taktau sangat.

Nadzsina said...

Minta maaf ek afiq.kesian kat ko=(

QifA said...

relax nazrul.tadahal pon.hehe.

naboonies said...

Ish2.. violent jugak main bola ni. That's one of the reasons I don't play football (or the fact that aku kaki bangku)...

Get well and get another pair of specs at Port Saida Optika (last stop trolley bus no 15). The cheapest around!

QifA said...

Quite violent at times i have to say Sdar. Bila stat kerja? Looks like someone has been busying himself blogging in these last few days before being forced to sacrifice his freedom.haha.

owh thanks for the recommendation. Hope there are nice frames over there.