Ramadhan is a vacation. A peaceful retreat from our worldly endeavours. For one month, Muslims observe fasting from dawn til sunset. And at nights, we continue our intensive month-long devotion by performing extra prayers and some wake up in the wee hours of morning to supplicate to Allah.

For the past one month, we have slipped ourselves into the shoes of those who are suffering from scarcity of food and hunger. But fasting, as a concept is not only confined as a physical test for Muslims. It was a spiritual journey to find ourselves.

It was narrated in a hadith that Jinns are being tied in this holy month. Whether it was a metaphorical statement or a reality which does take place, Ramadhan should reflect who we really are because there are no external voices to influence us. And we should look at the reflection and observe if there's anything wrong with it, do a post mortem.

The month itself is a gift, with Allah giving all sorts of benefits never bestowed upon any other period of the year. It was the month the Quran was revealed. It was a month where we train ourselves not to entertain our desires.

It carries a message of universal understanding, to make us realize that there are those who are not as lucky as we are and the zakat fitrah (obligatory alms giving) plants the seeds of charity inside us all. And our health seems to optimize in this month.

Now, we have arrived at the end of this month. Some of you may cry, because you miss your loved ones back home, and some of you might miss Ramadhan because you love it so much.

Regardless of your reasoning, i think we all should stay upbeat for Syawwal. It is the time for us to rejoice. Don't be sad, because it is a time of joy and happiness, to give and forgive. Don't regret something you were not able to do in the month of Ramadhan. If you think you didn't give enough for charity, or didn't wake up in the early morning hours to pray, you still have a lot of time til the next Ramadhan. You could perform these deeds in any month preceding Ramadhan, although the benefits might be different. You won't get anything by only regretting and being sad.

And if there's any good deed you've done, keep on doing it, don't let the momentum stop. The month was a training process for betterment, not merely a stop where you decide to become pious for one month and leave everything behind afterwards.

And enjoy Raya, too. I used to dislike Raya, but as i grow older i do understand the significance of Hari Raya. It is actually the only time every family member would gather and meet each other.

Therefore, i would like to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitiri especially to my beloved mama, kak eja and kak yein. And to all my family and friends and the readers of this humble blog. Thanks for the support.


uzair said...

Happy eidul fitri to u too afiq... Just to add something, the month of syawal is also the month of victory to all muslims, as Ramadhan is the month of rahmat & forgiveness. Allah forgive all the sin of a muslim as he/she sincerely & truly ask forgiveness from Allah swt. When Syawal come we should congrats each other as we have return to our fitrah, which is pure, no sins like a baby or kids that are not yet baligh. Well, as u said, hope that we will be a better muslim after Ramadhan has gone & may Allah accept all our ibadah in this month. InsyaAllah, we will meet the next Ramadan.

bettenerezza said...

slmt hari afiq!

bettenerezza said...

silap!nak tulis slmt hari raya aidilfitri.xsempat abes.tersent plak!maaf zahir n batin~

QifA said...

Thanx uzair n bett.

Selamat hari raya to both of u!

Miss jane said...