1. Azizi is my classmate for the past 5 years.

2. He hails from Besut, the town famous for producing the one and only Ayah Pin. He says never had the chance to drink tea from that giant teapot.

3. He is a self proclaimed genius.

4. If you decide to debate with him, then think twice! The result is inevitable. You'll suffer defeat after the first round and would never want to debate again!

5. Azizi scored the first ever goal for our team (La Hermandad/Milo Kaw Kaw) from a long range effort. I've yet to score a goal. Not even an own goal for my team.

6. He is high on confidence. When asked why, he says he takes intramuscular injections of Sol. Confidencium 100%-5 ml every morning. Yes. He stabs those injections himself.

7. He is secretly a poet. Few people realize his potential, but recently he won the poetry writing competition about Palestine. But what most people don't know, i gave him the inspiration to write that piece of poetry. Hah. Just kidding.

8. If you give your earnest opinion about something, he will vehemently deny it just for fun. For example, if you say Maradona is better than David Beckham (everyone knows Maradona is better than David Beckham!), he will surely say "Nah. David Beckham is way better." As i mentioned, don't debate with him because you'll lose badly!

9. He wants to further his studies in philosophy and plans to establish the subject "Azizilogy". He will prove to us that Descartes, Nietszche, Kant, Aristotle and Plato are all wrong in their views of life.

9.5 His birthday falls on the 9th of May, the victory day of Russia over the Nazi Germans. So each year, his birthday is a holiday. Lucky bloke.

I hope he knows i'm joking. Happy birthday. This is your birthday gift. Haha.


ikram said...

haha..lawak2..pecah perut aku...

QifA said...

hoho. . . . aku taktau zizi bace ke x ni.aku suh dia bace

angelus_izika said...


Hepi besday zizi.. I might need 1-2 ampoules of that sol. confidincium for my exam..

13 said...

Zizi baca tu..tapi dia taknak cakap kalau dia baca pun.haha..azizilogy

QifA said...

haha.i made that up anyway. if that ever exists, i might need multiple injections too.

zizi x cakap pape pn kat aku lg.hehe.nnt aku tanya dia.