Jose Mourinho is at it again!

"It has been like an 11-month holiday in a great country. In November and December, I thought I was in St Moritz."

I'm not a big fan of Chelsea but the song above tickles me to the core! But i really like Jose Mourinho and his ego is entertainment. His quotes are legendary.

"If I wanted to have an easy job... I would have stayed at Porto - beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, God, and after God, me."

Now, i'm following Inter more than any other Italian team.

This is my 3rd post for the night.Whoa.I'm making up for loss time.

Well, the internet is not quite unlimited and the server was down for a few days. But i'm not the one complaining. I understand the complexities of dealing with Russians especially when it involves money. I still remember the time when Helmi came to my room and tried his experiments to install the internet in the hostel. It was hard back then because there were only a limited number of cyber cafes in Volgograd offering limited internet service.

And Helmi has since bled his nose a few times trying to establish internet at the hostel. And whatever the outcome is, whether we could achieve the goal of installing unlimited internet service or not, he has done a lot for us. Thanks a lot Helmi!