On some random day, the shoe rack of room 93 would look something like this. I've got a few pairs of high cut basketball shoes which are like my obsession (how hedonistic is this?). Vikneswaran has a lot of shoes because his dad owns a few shoe stores in Temerloh (Kedai Kasut Sri Maju). So he gets them for free. Fairuz has a lot of futsal shoes (Nike Tiempo, Nike 5,R10), and everytime he buys a new pair, i would inherit the previous pair. So i need not buy a pair of futsal shoes. I'm certainly not a fashion guru like my senior, but i do like a good pair of shoes.

Aha. My first love. I still remember when i bought this, it was before our final SPM paper, chemistry. I didn't have a proper pair of shoes prior to this one. I was quite the "Raja Pau" as i had the knack to take food from people (particularly nasi lemak after prep) and i was not left behind in "taking" or borrowing shoes from my friends. Bwahaha. I went to Langkawi Fair, a shopping mall in Langkawi and got myself this. Muizz got himself a good pair too that day. It's quite worn out and i rarely use it. It's like a first wife. You love her and don't want to let her go, but at the same time, you spend little time with her. And it holds tonnes of memories.

Being observant of my love for such shoes, my classmate, upon our return back to Russia from our first summer break, Shairazi Azizi told me that there was a nice pair in Park House, which at that time in 2005 was the only decent shopping mall in Volgograd. So i bought this Adidas Epi Pro II which are exquisitely larger than my feet, but i still like it. I went to Spain with it.

Then after returning back from Spain, i got myself this pair, bought in GUM in Moscow. It was intended for some proper meetings or events as it didn't look that sporty, although the shoes are actually skateboarding shoes.

When i went to Saint Petersburg in summer 2005, i laid my eyes on this beauty and told myself i had to have this. Realizing that i can't afford any high cut Jordan shoes, this was the perfect substitute. And i finally got it for my birthday in 2006. And it remains one of my favourites, although there are holes here and there.

From that moment onwards, i became Puma crazy. And i got myself a second pair in 2008. It's actually the same Puma Sky High but with different colours and this design, according to my friend Sacchi, is only manufactured specifically in Europe. And of course, just like all new wives, i will tend to wear this more often than the others.

I think that's it for me. I mean, after this i need to find myself a nice pair of Bata shoes to go to work. I'm getting old and i think these shoes won't fit my elderly appearance later on. Plus, in Malaysia it's quite hot and these shoes make my feet sweat so much, my socks will be soaking wet after awhile.


Kamal said...

semua kasut ang high cut eh? aku ingat lagi kasut adidas biru tu. masih ada lagi rupanya... hahaha.

QifA said...

owh semestinya. haha. aku nostalgik orangnya. ada satu kasut nike aku ala2 air force 1 yang tak high cut aku tinggalkn kat mesia.

naboonies said...

Your post proves that guys, contrary to popular belief love them shoes too!

Don't worry about aging and not being suitable wearing these kicks, your taste in hi tops are exquisite. One day when you earn six-digit salary please don't hesitate to buy one of these:


And you want some high-cut shoe porn? These are simply orgasmic:


P/s: No worries about the specs. They're not that cool anyway :P

QifA said...

aha..well the thing is, i can't imagine myself wearing those kicks above 25.haha.Maybe that was my assumption of how life would be like after that age. You know, shirts and neckties, leather shoes and a pair of nice khaki pants or slacks.

There's a nice pair on the website you just linked which was available here in Park House few years back, sadly when i had the money to buy it, my size was sold out. Damn.

There are good hi cut supra shoes out there but i think i'm saving my money for something else.Hehe.