The title is a publicity stunt. You fell for it!

Taken from an interview with Jamie Carragher : -

Will it be any consolation to Liverpool, if they finish runners-up, that they have beaten United twice this season? "No, it's nice to beat them but that's a load of rubbish," he says. "If they win the League they are the best team."

That was in April and I wholeheartedly agreed with what he said when i read it.

Being a Liverpool fan is never easy. They day i decided to support them, Liverpool lost 3-1 at Anfield to Manchester United (97? Or was it 98?). David Beckham scored from a free kick in that game. That was all i could recall.

At that moment i never had the faintest of ideas that they were quite successful.

Then there's the Carlsberg issue. It's hard finding a decent looking Liverpool jersey. It either has Carlsberg or 'Liverpool' (wrote in same font as the Carlsberg logo!).But the worst is the banter we've had from Manchester United fans for the past few years. I can tell you it's frustrating but it's football. Damn.

I've never heaped any praise on Liverpool at any moment supporting team minus some exceptional moments. They were never good enough for me. Istanbul was a miracle as far as i could analyze. I've always wanted them to play more like Manchester United, and win more and more. "Why Liverpool are not playing quick passing like Manchester United?". "Why can't they win against these smaller teams?"

It's like i'm a dad, and i'm bombarding praises to the neighbour's son for his achievements in front of my son, and keep on asking my son, "Why didn't you get first place in class?". "Why are you so handsome like your dad?".

Me and my Liverpool metaphors. Enough of it.

But this season, I have to say Liverpool were exceptional at times. Not against Manchester United at Old Traffod, because i thought Man. Utd. were way off their usual selves that day and Liverpool seized the opportunity. But the match against Chelsea (4-4) sticks into my mind of how far they have improved mentally. In previous years, they could not have done that and would usually succumb to a defeat.

Yes, it takes mental strength to win. Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson, besides being 2 good managers, they are good at man management and injecting that winning mentality and hunger in their players.

And Liverpool, hopefully are close to that level of mentality. That hunger that drives Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs season after season after season.

And today, i watched Manchester United clinch the title with 5 good Mancunian friends. Arsenal played for pride, Manchester United played for a point. But it was enough. So my congratulations especially to Theenesh and Cerap.

But this doesn't mean i've come to terms with Cristiano Ronaldo. I still hate him. Brutally.

PS : Tahun depan takleh tengok Premier League sama-sama dah dowh!


tnesh said...

hehe yep..gonna miss those moments..

QifA said... year Liverpool menang plak..haha..