I'm blaming the internet for all this.

It was sort of an investment on my part, buying CDs with the hope that the price would fluctuate high enough to make profit. My liking towards music collections stems from watching my mom's cassette collection. My cousin also has a lot of heavy metal music from his time studying in the UK. So i bought cassettes (there's so many of them!) and CDs myself to have my own collection.

Now i have to say it was the worst piece of investment a man could ever think of!

Darn it.

Regrets? I have a few. But then again, too few to mention. Sound fimiliar? But yeah, i don't regret buying CDs/cassettes. When it was outing time while i was at boarding school, i would usually attack the music store first and wondered,

"Why are you guys buying all these foodstuffs and eating at these restaurants? Food is provided by the school. Music isn't."

It turned out i was the only guy at school who never complained about the food. It was always finger licking good.

So last year i packed my CDs, only original ones into a shoebox with the hope of selling them somewhere. I tried to find ways to get the best deal out there. eBay's music market was dead and gone. Now it's the digital era. People either download music legally or illegally. So i sms-ed Music eXchange, a music store located behind KL plaza. It's actually a house, with its living room converted into a shop selling 2nd hand junk with a hippie owner who replies sms as quick as lightning.

"How much for a CD?". I sent.

"RM3-10. Depends on condition and title of the CD." He replied.

Some of the CDs have shrunken from its initial value by 80-90%. I decided not to sell them yet and would wait for next summer when i get back to Malaysia. There are some good CDs there, Broken Social Scene's Feel Good Lost, Mogwai CDs, 311 and Incubus collections, Sex Pistols' legendary album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols!, Jaga Jazzist, Stars' Set yourself on Fire bought in Spain and lots more.

But then again, thinking back, i might as well sell them at Music eXchange.

If it wasn't for the internet, i would at the very least recoup a bit of what i've lost.

So in the end, i think the first thing i'll do when i arrive back in Malaysia is to spend few days in KL doing a piece of business although i'm not good at it. And don't worry, i'll put the money straight into my bank account. LOL.

Thanks to my sister who took the pictures while she was back in Alor Star last week.


Yopiscky said...

better simpan la..
sayang duh nak jual menda2 camni..
banyak plak tu

QifA said...

juai je dowh.haha.aku dah convert p mp3 dah.

Yopiscky said...

mana sama value mp3 ngan cd2 ni beb..huhu

QifA said...

aku rasa x guna dah pn dok simpan camtu saja.mmg lawa tgk.tgkla camna.kalau ada rezki aku juai.hehe