The Arrivals, a documentary about the delusions of Freemasonry, Zionism and Conspiracy theories have been greeted with great support throughout the Islamic world.

As to all conspiracy theories, it was indeed interesting. The same experience was felt when i read Da Vinci Code 3 years back.

The theory that Obama is actually part of the zionistic plans. How the NWO is affecting our daily lives. How the media is controlled by those who want to hypnotize us and control our mindset.

Well, i won't say those are absolute truths. The disclaimer at the end of the series asked us to do further research rather than just blindly believing what they recorded and taped for us.

For example, the theory of the star of David. How they claimed it to be 2 triangles overlapping each other to open a new vortex point bla bla bla, to a new dimension bla bla bla, so on and so forth.

It was hard to believe at first, then i read what Ustaz Amin wrote in his blog.

The origin of the star is from the original inhabitants of Palestine, a clan known as Kan'an Arabs, who used it to symbolize their group of people. They converted to Islam and the symbol is extensively used in the al-Aqsa mosque.

So, presumably, the Israelis fortook the symbol as their own, as a gesture that they are the original inhabitants of Palestine. So, there might be misunderstanding that the symbol represents some intersection of worlds, and one day people might think there are freemason/zionist symbols in mosques! Get your facts correct.

And i'm not against wearing red or the red colour. I just can't agree with red being the colour of the devil or whatever it is. Pink or bright yellow attracts more attention compared to the colour red. Well, this is just my idea. No basis in this. The thing is, i don't think Islam bans any colour. Correct me if i am wrong.

They seem to be blaming pop music (Madonna, Aguilera, Britney). I like it very much because bubble gum pop is just out of order these days. But it's not just pop, music and entertainment in general are not wrong, but there are some other better things to do like read a book or understanding some hadiths, rather than just dwelling too much on entertainment. (this last sentence is dedicated especially to the writer of this blog). But the idea of how the Zionists are raking money from the entertainment industry, for me, is plausible. Because the dinosaurs of the industry are mostly jews.

And to simply say that Lord of the Rings was inspired by the tale of Imam Mahdi, is indeed wrong. They jump into conclusions because they believe too much in conspiracy theories and believe the world is made up of too much symbolisms. Tolkien's influences are listed here. You might now say the list was made up for us to believe that LOTR wasn't influenced by the hadith concerning Imam Mahdi. Well, believe whatever you want to believe in.

My point is, don't just blindly believe what has been told. Go do your own self research. And for all the mystics of the world, let Allah decide on that. Whether there'd be stargates to other dimensions or pyramids emanating powers, we have no power on that.

But there are some things which we could take note from the series. Like, don't trust the media too much. They show us what they want us to believe in.

Be on your guard, read whatever you want to read, but don't trust everything on mainstream media. Be a smart reader and choose the best information out there.


angelus_izika said...

yes babe!! that's what I'm talking about..

though to talk sense to a lot of people who either too obsessed/too immerserd in the theory of conspiracy, might prove to be difficult..

like I said (and you emphasize), do our own research, for believing in this is just the same like believing in CNN and BBC and what's not..

p/s: I favor BBC than CNN :P

QifA said...

hehe..well i read bbc more though i have no favours. but then again, who could actually believe the load of crap that's being told on cnn?