Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. Welcome to the Royal Malaysian Political Circus (RMPC)!

Since 8th of March 2008, we have been serving you with all kinds of delicacies and controversies ranging from the takeover acts, frog hoppings, political stunts and acrobatic acts, the Naked politician show and the latest attraction, the Royal Rumble in Perak!

But of course, the show that got the most attention was the takeover act. Supposedly planned on the 16th of September 2008 by our most talented performer, the gifted, the one and only magician, Anwar "Master Orator" Ibrahim, the hypnotist did not get it right that time around! But the show was so good it amassed an audience of millions.

Then there's the gorgeous Eli Wong with her mesmerizing body which attracted the attention of pervert circus fans all around the globe. Mind you, there's some form of adultery in this show. Not suitable for those below 18 years of age.

Of course, we could not leave behind our legendary troop of jugglers from UMNO! Yes! They are indeed legendary, not for juggling balls, rings, clubs or devil sticks...but they are a clan with the ability to juggle $$$$$$$ amongst themselves! Ali Rustam and Khairy Jamaluddin have been touring relentlessly with the team and have been outstanding in their contribution. You both deserve a salute from the sponsors and organizers!

It is very rare, maybe there's never been a circus, in which frogs are the entertainers. But behold! This breed of frogs are mutated and they jump very far into oblivion. From swamps they jump into sea water back to swamps and then, back to wherever they want to be. You could never see these kinds of frogs anywhere else in the world. A rare species, indeed. Since they are so special, even the animal activists are not against our show.

But a new attraction has arrived in town! Let's get ready to rumble! Introducing on your right, weighing in at approximately 70 kg, former Menteri Besar of Perak, Datuk Nizar "I'm the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak" Jamaluddin. And on your left, the newly crowned Menteri Besar of Perak, Datuk Zambry "there's this stay of execution and i'm currently the Menteri Besar of Perak" Abd Kadir.

The tagline for our latest show is : -

"This is blasphemy! This is madness! This is Perak!".

Testimonies :

"Best circus yet in the world."-Circus Magazine.

"Hats off to the greatest live reality show on the planet. We're talking about shows that have generated a great deal of attention in the country. Simply wonderful."-A circus critic.

"The jugglers are so natural. 3 thumbs up to them. Even the most famous juggler in the world, Vladimir Eremenko can't juggle money!"-Jugglers Worldwide Magazine.

"Do you know how many stars are there in the sky? Even that amount can't justify the quality and the sheer class of brilliance this circus has to offer."-The Best Newspaper in the world.

"We've heard of hybrid jazz and hybrid metal. This is hybrid circus. You have a mixture of circus, drama, and comedy."-Anonymous.

"One of a kind."-Anonymous.

The RMPC would like to thank all those involved in making this show a masterpiece.

Thank you.


jatdin said...

ROFL! good one afiq! indeed the best circus man ever created. malaysia semua boleh! haha!

QifA said...

hoho..yes..malaysia all can do.

inas said...

this perak version's circus is making ppl to vomit...

Yopiscky said...

brilliant bro..
kedah ja tenang..rakyat matang sumanya haha

QifA said...

vomit indeed. not just perak, malaysians are sick and tired of everything. why can't umno just let it off.

kedah darul aman. semua terletak pada nama. hohoho

Kamal said...

wicked post! brilliant dude! aku kesian kat rakyat perak... politikus betul.

QifA said...

Thanx kamal. I'm trying to be more cynical and sarcastic.

practice makes perfect.

Whatever is going on is a joke. This political scene is getting useless day by day.