Would the real Daniel Agger please stand up?

The classic backside pose. What most people don't know is that i'm actually Danish-Malaysian. That's why i chose the name Agger to be printed on the back of my team's jersey, which is the Malaysian national team jersey. But I always consider myself a Japanese. Henceforth, the Japanese slippers are always there to cover me.
And the long john i'm wearing is not a fasion statement. I just think my thighs are too big they could make an elephant shy. So i cover them up.

My hands are covering Ahmad Fardi and Mus. Once in awhile (actually always), we play football at this cement turf approximately around the Lenin Square. And again, you could witness that balding spot on top of my head. It runs in the family. Even if planting my hair is permitted, i would rather go shiny bald.

Now this is the real Daniel Agger, celebrating a ferocious strike against Blackburn Rovers.

And this is Daniel Agger receiving an award for being consistently injured.

Daniel Agger is also a tattoo artist back home in Denmark. And also a metal fan, just like Carles Puyol. How cool is that.
And he has just signed a new contract for Liverpool. The temptations of higher wages from AC Milan or Real Madrid didn't interest him.


Yopiscky said...

aku suka jugak mamat ni..gila kool oh dia..kalau arsenal beli dia untuk ganti gallas pon aku sokong..
kes arbeloa gaduh ngan carragher apa cita?malu wo0 1 dunia tengok

QifA said...

ahaha..carragher otai sangat nak p cari pasai.semangat carragher tu lebih kurang macam victor andrag defender kedah.haha