Everyday should be mother's day. But they've set a date, a special date specifically for mothers all around the world as a tribute to their contributions.

I was always the stubborn son. At form 1, she wanted me to enroll at KYS, i wanted to go to Sains Syed Putra, but in the end i settled at Alor Star.

She said that she doesn't like me wearing these black thick rimmed glasses. But i still wear it up til today.

When i was little, i liked ninja turtles very much. I would cry when she denied me those toys. And i would ask her to watch ninja turtles movies at the old Rex theatre in Alor Star. Then she would say, "there are no shows today here in Alor Star." When i was smart enough to read the time schedules for movies, right after she told me the exact same thing, i would take the newspaper and show to her that there would be shows that day.

We went there. The cineplex was almost empty except for a few people. She slept all the way through the show.

But the biggest contribution by my mama is that, she was the one, who taught me bits about football. She nurtured the football in me. In early 90s, she would tell me all about the Kedah football team. I would ask "what is a hat-trick?", "what is a penalty?". And she would explain to me everything.

And now, she supports Liverpool too.

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A man once asked the Prophet to whom he should show the most kindness. The Prophet replied: "Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father." (Sunan of Abu-Dawood) In other words, we must treat our mothers in a manner befitting their exalted position - and, again, revere the wombs that bore us.

I never had a dad, but i never felt that empty void. Mom was always there for everything.

Happy mother's day.


Maher said...

nice one lah afiq.

QifA said...

nice one?thanx.just some random thoughts maher.hehe