The amateurly taken picture of my table.

I am writing to myself at a time of distress.

On this desk, this dusty desk. I will prepare for my test, exams to be precise. I'm going to try me best.

Surgery and therapy,
Are interesting than psychiatry,
Psychosis and OCD,
Are no match for appendectomy,
Thanks to this guy McBurney,
He makes things look so easy.

22nd will be traumatology,
I've got Appley and Maheshwari,
Joints dislocating , bones breaking,
I've got to try and stop blogging.
Casts and splints, arthritis and fractures.
I've got to prepare for my future.

Infectious diseases are the obvious monsters,
It will cause my brain to shatter.
Now say hello to herpes zoster.
It will cause your skin to blister.

To all my 6th year folks in Volgograd, the best of luck for your finals. Do your best, fulfill your destiny and become excellent doctors later on. This is it guys. What you've been waiting for all this while.

Lepas exam jom pi Dinamo men atas rumput yang nan menghijau, sejuk mata memandang. I'm going back on the 5th of July, so if you guys are still here we could spend some time visiting the ailing Mamaev Kurgan.

To all my friends all over Russia; Volgograd, Moscow and Nizhny, good luck and all the best in your finals.

And to whoever is facing their exams, wherever you are, good luck too.

I pray and hope that we will all pass the exam with the colours of the rainbow.


Yopiscky said...

gudluck exam br0..
allthe best

QifA said...


nabzie said...

good luck afiq!
i have 168 questions of trauma yg ada skema in russian but we've translated it but in the end i have no idea what the translations meant so kena baca balek dlm ruski and go back and forth and that is why i've only studied 30 je kot and exam is tomorrow and i try not to freak out all that much...haha..oh well at least i tried.bye

p/s and 3rd is philo!woohoo!!moksha and nirvana yo!

QifA said...

3rd is philo? you won't fail in those exams right? hehe..cikgu philo sini cikgu paling kerek thinking that the subject is of the utmost importance. Like i said, they are all egoistic.

apsal la trauma byk sgt. sini 60 je kot.

All the best then.

Aiza Fareena said...

My dearest lil bro Apit & all his pals, all the best =) wat leklok ... baca doa byk2 & last but not least, b good ;)

angelus_izika said...

i thought the poem is kinda nice..

and I;m breaking my leg for the upcoming exam

QifA said...

thanx eja.

all the best helmi!the poem is just a mix n match rhyming scheme.hoho