There are some people on the 6th floor collecting shirts and stuffs for the homeless and orphans. It was not a charitable act, but i was in the mood to clear off my wardrobe, especially since i've grown..ehem..a bit muscular for the past few years which in turn, disabled me from wearing some shirts.And it turned out there were many shirts which were worn sparingly or have been there as artifacts in my cupboard. So i proceeded to just give them away.

This is one of my Nike t-shirts which is still in good condition but a bit too tight for me. I used to wear when i was super slim. PPIM/UMNO had a good programme in which they collected clothes and sold them at a carboot like sale and used the profits to manage their activities. I don't think anyone would want to buy my t-shirts so i decided not to sell them.

And this, i have to say is one of my all time favourite t-shirts bought at Pertama Complex. I like to go there just to find some good rocking t-shirts. Plus, there's a big Reject Shop there and the F.O.S. at Maju Junction right next to Pertama. I basically do my shopping at that F.O.S. outlet since it's not packed and i could just spend a lot of time looking for a decent shirt at a decent price. It's basically still in good condition, but i've got loads more shirts. Thanks for the service. You've tasted my sweat more than any other t-shirts for the past 5 years.

And i found this track suit, purple in colour while i was ransacking my wardrobe. It's my mum's track suit and she gave it to me because i forgot to buy one. Now it's torn somewhere in the middle and the ankle zip area. I can't believe i played the football tourney in this pair of tracksuit. Now it seems i would shy away from wearing a purple coloured track suit.


Kamal said...

good grief! purple sweat pants/ track suit?!!

QifA said...

ahaha..can u imagine me wearing that? It was absolutely attention seeking. haha. But my mama gave it to me and i'm thankful for that. So i just wear without thinking much. Now it's just torn apart.