The title, may just be a little bit confusing to you since it's similar to a movie screening at the cinemas in your neighbourhood. But this is not a story of giant robots transformering into vehicles, nor is it a story about transformering myself into an angelic version of a human being.

Yesterday, my mama sms-ed me telling me that we could get a transformers figure, an optimus prime perhaps for a cheaper price at a petronas petrol station if we fill the car with RM30 worth of oil or above.

And so, i remembered a tale of a boy, a plump boy who thought the world was all about toys. A pampered boy that he was, he had a multitude of toys in his possession, a true obsession on his part.

One day, a chocolate drink made an offer he wasn't able to refuse. A gift of a robot for the purchase of the largest tin can of chocolate powder. A staunch fan of Milo, he was crossing over to the rival brand Vico just this once time, for the sake of some infamous robots. Oh how poisoned he was by the commercials in between those cartoon shows!

And so, the family bought a large tin, and as promised, he got himself a robot toy as a gift. After some time spent on assembling the purple-white robot, and liking the plastic figure in front of him, he wanted more. Possessed by the spirit of that toy, an idea of collecting all 3 robot models that were at stake appeared. And all of them were gifts, so there was no way he could have asked his mummy to buy them.

He pondered. He thought. He spent hours for ideas to conjure up. He needed to think fast since the offer was going to expire soon enough. He can't possibly finish them all too quick. Besides, Vico tasted less tasty than Milo. That's a fact. He can't throw the tin away, for there might me an odour of foul play ringing in the air. To bribe his grandmother to keep a secret would not only be a sin, but the plan itself would come to ruins if his grandma decided to tell his mother.

He needed help. He needed a companion in crime who couldn't talk. A silent partner. And after looking around the house, he finally found out that the sink and the drainage PVC pipes were not able to produce even a whisper of voice.

"Hey you Mr. Sinky. Could you help me keep a secret." A silent answer meant 'yes'.

The boy, with punkish traits of his, decided to feed the sink with spoons of chocolate powder and ran the water down in order for the tin to be emptied at a quicker rate. He acted as cool as ice, and whenever her grandma smelled something mischievious going on, he would greet his grandma to quell off the thoughts of foul play in her mind.

"Yo granny, wassup? I'm 'cleaning' the kitchen for you."

While there he was, greedily feeding the sink without any feeling of wrongdoings! After some time, the large tin was almost empty.

Without any hesitation, he asked his mum to buy Vico, a large one too. His plan, was almost close to perfection and his brain was smiling from ear to ear, thinking that he was a genius. But his face remained calm, his hidden agendas were protected by his chubby and innocent appearance.

But her mum knew too much. The pipes were somehow clogged up due to some unknown reasons. Baffled by the situation, her mum called for a plumber and after some diagnostics, the plumber concured that the pipes were clogged at the proximal part, the ones that were close to the sink.

And after some intriguing FBI like investigations, the boy finally gave in and admitted his crime to his mother.

"No more vico for you."

Her mum managed to save some RM from buying a large tin of Vico, while the boy sat quietly in his room, pondering what could have been a second robot gift from Vico. He thought that powder would be dissolved by water, but he was wrong. Maybe he was right, but maybe he fed the sink too fast, thus not allowing the powder to dissolve. But after the incident, he had grown all matured and decided to abandon his life with toys.

And the rest, as they say, is history. And he lived happily ever after.

PS : And now, i need to transform myself into a book reading form.


Kamal said...

ooh. kat malaysia ade promosi isi minyak petronas rm30 dapat mainan transformers. aku dah pesan dah kat parents aku utk isi minyak petronas sampai cukup collection mainan.. hahahaha.

QifA said...

haha..transformers murah.sapa tak nak kot.kes kes