And so the King of Pop is dead.

He was about to kick start his world tour, touted to gross about $50 million bucks for Jacko. When fate intervenes, you have no answer. When death arrives, there is no more asking for another day.

And Utusan Malaysia's terkini section is filled with the latest news of his death. One by one. Quotes, latest developments, mourning of fans and peers alike.

Probably they're gonna make a special edition newspaper or a 16 page spread about MJ.

Of course, the death of Syd Barrett, Joey and Johnny Ramone won't be that sensational because they were peripherals playing in some lesser known bands. And their deaths were of natural causes-cancer.

When Kurt Cobain decided to kick the bucket, that was sensational since he suicided himself.

And thus, he was glorified like a prophet in the media. Like a matyr. He was placed in the top 10 amongst the most skilled guitarists of all time although he had moderate guitar skills.

But did they highlight some other heroes of our time? The real ones.

Fathi Yakan, author of some great books passed away on the 13th of June. I just found that out. Did Utusan put it up? I missed it maybe.

"It's death whether by killing or by cancer; it's the same thing. Nothing will change if it's an Apache (helicopter) or cardiac arrest. But I prefer to be killed by Apache."

In the end, Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi got what he wished for. He was killed by an apache.

They don't ask or wish to be glorified. But these men have done more than meets the eye. But have their contributions been justified? Are there articles on mainstream media?

Sometimes you need to put more perspective with things that happen around you. I need to do it too. Because i'm too much attached to my rock and roll roots and i'd be more interested in the news of the death of some rock stars.

I'm sleepy. Need to go to mosque. Then off to my seniors' graduation.


13 said...

fathi yakan..buku dia 'apa ertinya aku menganut islam' antara sumber usrah kat mati eh?padan a diorang cakap tadi..ingatkan main2 je

QifA said...

yea..MJ dah mati.ada cakap dia Islam.

yea..buku faymes abes..

fadly khairie said...

Hurm, actually utusan did put it up during the death of Fathi Yakin, i think during our first week of exam but surely not extensive as the coverage of the king of pop.

A lot of us dont realize it, either we've been busy with exam or perhaps we know 'moonwalk' better than the book `maza yakni ana lil islam` or maybe we just don't even care at all.

QifA said...

yup.the media highlights stories which are deemed important to them. something that sells of course.