1. Could we consider those who hate black cats as having traits of racism? Maybe partially racists, they are?

2. If we label a certain portion of people with certain tags, example 'Kedahans are kiasu' or 'Perakians and Penangites are perverts', is that too, considered as a mild form of racism?

3. If PAS ever unites with UMNO, what will Malaysia be like? Will the other races form their own racial political conglomerates? UMNO now is at a weakened state. So if one day UMNO reaches the same zenith of politics again, gaining maximal power along the way, will they kick PAS out of their supposed coalition?(if they were ever to unite that is)

4. On another note, i find myself not as creative as i want myself to be. While people would usually create their own pnemonics, i prefer to google for them.

5. I found out what twitter is all about few days ago. Maybe these are the type of stuff i would write if i have a twitter account.

6. At the age of 23, i found out that if baju melayu is soaked too long in water, the color will come off. As i was smart enough to soak my kepiah together with my red baju melayu, now the kepiah has become a bit pinkish tinged. Is this the shape of fashion to come?