This is my first post from my iphone and the mega tiny touchscreen keypad doesn't help much.

At 2.29 in the morning, my skin wets of salty sweat. Drops running down my forehead, maybe el nino is hitting Russia too. My head is densed partly with medical knowledge, mostly with crap.

That tachycardic heartbeat after reading Cristiano's transfer to Real Madrid has long gone. 80 million pounds for a player is really breathtaking.

And insulting at the same time. It's a cruel world we are living in.

And i pondered for a moment what could i have done with that amount of money.

The disneyfication of Real Madrid continues.

Kaka is mickey mouse. Cristiano is minnie mouse. Soon David Villa will be daffy duck.

Where does that money come from?

Loyalty in football is the least of priorities these days. It's manifested with people prowling for money. No more Giggs or Del Piero. Extinction of the generation.

Money is in fact, the new God. Slaves to the material world, are we?

God save us all.