I asked for an ampoule of Sol. Confidencium 100 % from Azizi but he declined my request. Now i need to try and search it myself. My exams are around the corner.

TV will be showing the Roland Garros final. Federer vs Soderling. Afiq, are you sure you're gonna switch me off?

I need 132 Newtons of force to push me to study. I need 5 kilograms of confidence. Where could i find them?

Football is on Wednesday. You would not want to miss it! It's Russia vs Finland.

Give me an ounce of hardwork and a pascal of persistence and i'll be as busy as a bee.

If that's not enough, there's the NBA finals. Lakers vs Magics. Howard against Kobe. You're not gonna miss watching your favourite player Pau Gasol playing, are you?

But i've poisoned myself with 25 litres of laziness.

Hey look at me! Jenson Button just won the race in Turkey. These are the moments you wanted all the while right? These great sporting moments.

I need to detoxify myself with decibels of discipline and pack myself with 70 volts of seriousness and start to study tonight!

You're still bidding for that Real Madrid jersey on eBay right?

Temptations, temptations.


Yopiscky said...

komen yang tadak kaitan dengan entri: hepi besday afiq~! erkk..nampak macam gay ka? tak kan?haha

QifA said...

mana ada.haha.thanx bro.selamat jalan ke serawak

naboonies said...

So it's your birthday? Have a blissful life here and thereafter.

Good thing I'm not into sports. If not, I'll be the only few who repeat another year, god forbid.

Owh. And Bunge wishes you a happy 23rd too.

QifA said...

thanks sdar! thanks to bunge too.