Summer's back and the birds return from their long migration cum vacation. Chirping, maybe chatting between them in language inconceivable by human understanding.

Tweet. Tweeeeet. Twititit. Titititutu Kenya. Twaeeaet! Translates as, "I went to Africa! OMG! It's owh so fabulous. You have to go to Kenya. It's heaven!"

And the other bird replies. Twat! Tetetetoto. Titititutu USA. Twiiiituituo. Vultures tototo. Eagles tweiaot!

"What! That's cool! I went to USA. It's you know, very metropolitan. I met your cousin the Vulture. Almost got bitten by an eagle!"

And as i wonder what the birds chatter amongst themselves, in that funny language of theirs, there's a much more problematic situation going on. The preying eyes of men, with their radars swithced on are dangerous when the summer arrives.

It's hot, so people wear less. Oh! Cover my eyes! Cover my eyes!

24 : 30 Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty...

The eyes perform adultery by gazing.

"...the adultery of eyes is looking (at [that] which is not allowed)..." reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

So your eyes are basically the weapons of mass destruction in terms of wrecking and damaging your soul or your iman. The iman fluctuates and oscillates at intense speed, sometimes never managing to return to its normal state.

Owh. Such a sinful summer i'm having. Need. To. Cover. My. Japanese. Slit. Like. Eyes.

The Prophet once said to Ali, "Ali! Do not look once after another, for the first look is for you (since it happens accidentally) while the second is against you."

First look is not a 2 or a 3 second look. It's probably a milisecond look. It's accidental. Of course you can't prolong your gaze!

I need to try and and cover my eyes from the sinful sight of the surrounding of summer.