It's amazing what technology could do these days.

It's been quite awhile since i last met my friends from primary and lower secondary schools. I do wonder would people still remember me since i've morphed from a cute looking child into a princely handsome young guy.

So yesterday i spent hours and hours adding people, friends, pals, old acquaintances, colleagues of long gone years. It was a stroll down memory lane.

One of my best Chinese friends is still a Liverpool fan that he was when i last met him. He's still as smart as i used to know him. We share the same birth date and he was guessing the time i was born!

Another is an Indian guy who is probably the biggest Michael Jackson fan i will ever know. He kept doing all those crotch grabbing, moon walking moves, impersonating the King of Pop to entertain us at school and he wasn't bad at all.

And there are close friends from Alor Star who still remain as wacky as ever before.

I was very glad to see friends who are holding posts in various clubs and societies. Some continue their traditions of becoming student leaders, some gaining new experiences of taking this kind of responsibility for the first time in their lives. While i've probably taken a detour from that kinda of life.

To reconcile friendships and to strengthen them, that's what i am there for.

It's great what technology could do these days.