I am facebooking. I facebook everyday. I facebooked last night. I've been facebooked.

He/She is facebooking. He/She facebooks everyday. He/She facebooked last night. He/She has been facebooked

They/You are facebooking. They facebook everyday. They facebooked last night. They/You have been facebooked.

Some collected quotes from Afiq Fikri Azmi.

"Aku taknak la bukak facebook, takut addicted."

"Facebook? I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon."

"Is that a friendster wannabe?"

Yeah yeah. You've got all the right to call me a sell out for surrendering my soul to the opium of the people, facebook.

I just need to connect to long lost friends. Some who i haven't met for years and years.

I've been warned by Kamal (single according to his facebook status..bwahaha) of the times i might waste on facebook. Thanks for the advice.

But i don't think i will be answering quizzes or playing games. For once, i don't like computer games. I think i will be busy replying comments. That's all.

And i plan to switch off all the email notifications so that i won't be too busy checking this and that. Except for birthday notifications.

But this blog is my abode. My sanctuary. There's no way i'm going to abandon this blog. Here's a big hug and kiss to this blog XOXOXOXOX. Whatever that is.

There are many things i plan to write about. Particularly about Malaysia. About spots in KL. About Central Market. Of Lorong Haji Taib. Kampung Baru. These cult images of KL. Right after my practicals i'll be staying in KL for some time. Maybe i'll write poetry of those places if my muses arrive. You know, something like Paris je'taime in written form. Maybe i'll pick up a decent camera to enhance the experience of reading with a visual accompaniment. Or maybe i'll hag my sister's camera and learn to edit pictures. So if you see me wandering off in KL, say hi and give me a treat at a mamak restaurant.

But before that, I need to read. I'm going to read lotsa stuff after my exams. I've been surprisingly lucky with my exams. Alhamdulillah.

I would like to thank my sponsors, Sayani-the energy booster and Sport Kanal-official live football provider for room 92.