It became clear that the world was minimizing into the size of the thumb by the end of the 20th century. Yes, the mundane life that we were accustomed to was about to change, although the arrival was a little late to the shores of Malaysia.

And RTM kept on playing that IT song over and over again. It was a good idea but it was oh-so-uninspiring to say the least.

The world of communications transformed itself into a borderless version of connectivity across the universe. Because I personally believe we are the only living beings and the whole idea of alien worshipping just doesn’t apply to me.

The advent of chatting, particularly, changed and challenged the whole concept of what socialization is all about.

Back in the 90’s and the early millennia, mIRC was the in thing back then. It still does exist but messengers are the in thing lately.

A/S/L was the intro to everything. Age. Sex. Location. With one simple inquiry it could spark off a conversation, start relationships, foster friendship, so on and so forth.

SgtWeener: Yo. Asl

Guest2435: 16/m/us.u?

SgtWeener: 15/m/Malaysia.

Guest2435: Malaysia? Wer izzit? Do u hav intrnet over der?

It was where I started to speak to people from the States and Australia to improve my English. We chatted particularly about music those days because I hanged out in chat music chat rooms.

It had quite a good peer to peer connection in which you could download songs or videos from other users.

And I just found out that you could even chat while facebooking. I think facebook has taken the formula of the inventions of handphones. It used to be simple, now cellphones are multifunctional. It’s like an amusement park. You’ve got a camera, internet connection, games and a lot more. Facebook has quizzes, you could leave comments, post videos and chatting. So basically, you only need to log on to facebook for anything.

Last night, I had a dream in which I had a facebook account. It was semi-scary in a way.

Me and a few genius friends even had a social study on the impact of chatting in my secondary school days. That was a bit funny. We took a 360 turn after our first project, (something about producing an alternative for petroleum from the remains of processed palm) backfired. But we had the coolest team name. Fungus amongus.

So chatting has deluded me of the fact that we actually need to talk in reality, not type.

I think there are pieces of bipolarity in me. In a face to face chat, I think I’m just a bit over concerned with my appearance (Why is this bloke so untidy? He needs to shave. His hairstyle is way off the mark!). And my perhaps my voice. (Too husky. Too sexy. Too angelic). So I tend to be a little bit silent compared to cyberspace chatting.

Chatting just strips the aesthetics of my over concerned appearance and I could just go on rambling about anything and I could just chat about everything. And I could just focus solely on chatting without anything else.

Maybe it’s time for me to really focus on talking since my future profession involves talking most of the time. Talk to patients. Explain this and that so that they would understand. Report to senior doctors and everything else.

Maybe I should go video blogging to practice my talking and story telling abilities. It would be good to doze people off.

Ok. Need to read my Sherlock Holmes collection on my iPhone.

PS : We have entered the month of Rejab. The most significant event in history of this month is the Israk and Mikraj, of which our Prophet ascended to the heavens and met Allah. Some say it was a spiritual journey, but most scholars would agree that it was a physical journey. Of course, we have to ponder what could have been. We could have been asked to pray 50 times per day but in the end we have been given a large discount by Allah and henceforth, we are only obliged to pray 5 times a day.


fadly khairie said...


Afiq, it seems to me you're contradicting yourself or perhaps trying to prove something to yourself. Well in real, you kept saying that you are handsome but somehow now silently, you have a little confident in your look and image.

But for whatever it is worth, I think you are good looking =)

Be proud of yourself ya!

QifA said...

Salam fadly. Ehem. I think everyone is good looking in their own unique way. Yeah, maybe at times i claim to be the handsome one, but i don't really mean it. It's just for fun. I don't think anyone took that too seriously. But then again, i'm just happy for what i am.


Kamal said...

a good topic to be discussed. just some thoughts of mine: are people actually laughing so hard when they type "hahaha, LOL, rofl.. etc"?

i find it hard when there's no emotional, facial expression when you're chatting with someone else. and sometimes our sentences can be misread and misinterpreted, even though we didnt mean to..

people now are locked up in their bedrooms, chatting, facebooking etc which somehow makes them feel somehow more lonely. kids should get out more...

QifA said...

yes. I think the internet managed to change the whole idea of communication. It's just different. I, myself, need to get out more too because lips are in a way stitched to each other.

So i found chatting as an escapade at times to express myself. And blogging.

But yeah, it challenges the whole idea of what real communication used to be.

What would the future be like? heh.

Yopiscky said...

Me and a few genius friends even had a social study on the impact of chatting in my secondary school days.

aku suka part ni haha

at least ok la berbanding 'penghasilan softboard drp polisterin' kan? haha

QifA said...

kajian fungus amongus terbaik!!haha

Unknown said...

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