The army of molotov cocktails.

A bottle bearing a picture of father deer and daughter doe won't be harmful, would it?

Sayani : The thirst quencher.

And the boiling heat of summer continues, while we patiently wait for the first downpour of rain.

And we guzzle this fizzy drink down our throats to quench our thirst. This bottled drink is similar to any soft drinks out there, but it's local. It tastes something like mountain dew and it contains no alcohol. Now that we don't drink Coke that often, this is the alternative.

The bottles evoke the images of Molotov cocktails, named after the Foreign Affairs' Minister of the Soviet Union during the WWII, Vyacheslav Molotov.

During the attacks of Russia on Finland, they dropped bombs containing smaller clusters of explosives in them. However, the quirky Mr. Molotov made an announcement, claiming that they were dropping food instead of explosives from the air to the Finns.

Of course that was a big lie, and so they christened the bombing as the "Molotov Bread Breakfast", with an explosive menu.

The Finns responded by attacking the tanks that were invading Finland with these home-made explosives made out of bottles containing petrol or other inflammable liquids and a cloth jammed at the end to ignite it.

And they named it "Molotov Cocktails", as a drink to go with the food.

That, for you, is the linguistics of war.

Ok. I want to finish my bottle of Sayani for breakfast.


13 said...

tu eh asal usul molotov ko amek dalam ujang ni..haha..aku 1st tahu ada benda alah ni time baca jejak wira dulu..

gudluck exam..

QifA said...

betul2..baca wiki ni..haha..

goodluck matpih.ada 2 lagi ni.hoho