T-w-e-n-t-y f-o-u-r.

Helmi you're 24 tomorrow. And this will be the very, very last time you're gonna celebrate your birthday in Volgograd.

And tomorrow you're off to UK, so i'd better put this up beforehand.

Thanks for the memories Helmi. We travelled together, you were my naqib, we chatted a lot, shared secrets and bla bla bla.

This is so stereotypical.

Everyone has the knack of searching for you whenever they encounter minor and major glitches in their life. And i am one of them. Hoho.

Everyone wants a dose of conversation with Helmi. Well, since you're a son of a former psychology lecturer, it does amp up your reputation as the one who could understand problems that people face day by day.

I will usually tell you ,"Kau banyak pengalaman hidup Helmi, best la."

And you will stare me with much annoyance. Haha.

Now you're gonna say i'm crapping too much.

So happy birthday Helmi! May you have a prosperous life ahead. And don't forget to print those jerseys in UK if it is possible!

PS : Paediatrics is killing me.


angelus_izika said...

OMG I'm flattered by this!!

hehe..n not EVERYONE want to have conversation with me, believe it or not...I can be annoying most of the times :)

still, "byk pengalaman hidup" is exaggerating..while 24 should be an age of ripe and etc, I'm still a kid inside, who cant resist daydreaming at times..

but then again, meeting you guys does enrich those experience, and memories dare I say..

I shall try to print those jerseys, but just in case, shall we setup a Plan B??

ok, im blushing, so I better go off now.. :P

angelus_izika said...

oh..and good luck with peds!! it wont be that hard..so ..break a leg :P

QifA said...

haha..flattered? thought u wud b annoyed n bla bla bla with me.

owh plan b?just get those jerseys back to volgo safe n sound..hehe..dont force yourself to print those jerseys if u cant find any good shops.

take care enjoy your trip.