I am blessed with 5 spectrums of senses, several dozen dimensions of emotions, one ugly looking brain, 2 Japanese looking slit like eyes, 2 pairs of excellent upper and lower extremities, one irresistible body and of course, one hell of a handsome looking face.

Now, here i am talking about emotions and more emotions.

It is said that endorphins, which are morphine like chemical substances produced in the body, are inductors of happiness. .

Maybe those drug addicts do feel real happiness when they shoot morphine into their veins which is probably a more potent form of happiness inductors! High way up to the sky and to the moon!

Now, here i am again lecturing you about endorphins. Less potent form of morphine, physiologically produced by the pituitary gland when you're excited, and thus you're being manifested externally as something we commonly call as happiness or happy. Climax is not the particular word i am looking for.

IF (a big one that is), there is a possibility of producing tablets of endorphins, then won't the world be a better place to live in? Pharmacies will be stocked up with piles and piles of endorphin tablets.

Rp. : Tab. Endorphini 0.1
DS. For intake when you're feeling sad or dejected.

Then the whole hippie era would arrive again. Those psychedelic colours, those abstract drawings and music. A whole new generation.

Endorphin addicted.

Theoretically speaking, love potion does exist! A mixture of nerve growth factor, testosterone/estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and KAPOW! Whoever drinks will fall in love with the next boy/girl he or she gazes their eyes upon.

Technically speaking, i wish i could give the Terror and Fear tablets for those Israeli soldiers so that they could have that little piece of humanism in their veiled hearts.

But of course, it is not that easy as it sounds to be. Chemically those substances might be unstable in the environment and hence complicates the production of such tablets, but let's leave that to chemists.

Now, i am here telling you that happiness is a personal and self experience. No one knows how happy you are. You can't explain to me with any scales or ranks.

"Hmm...i would say i am happy. The score would be 6/10 based on the scale of happiness. That's how happy i am."

You're a mad man! This is blasphemy! This is madness!

How on this sane planet called earth could you define happiness? Definition differs, it's an individual aspect!

If it is this simple, then one day i might also buy some love pills, anger tablets when i need to, and when i am too happy, i will buy some pills to induce sadness.

The thing is, your 5 spectrums of senses, that plays a much bigger role. The whole experience. It's just not about the emotion, it's about what we go through that stimulates our very own production of endorphins.

The joy of producing our very own endorphins.

It certainly is different from taking someone else's.

Your amygdalas, your cingulate gyruses, your prefrontal cortexes, all of these structures with roles in emotion production in your brain, they might not even recognize foreign endorphins either! They might only want the locally and physiologically self produced endorphins. Egoistic brain, perhaps? Well, that's just my hypothesis.

If you're planning to make some PhD degree based on this post and to really really study endorphins, then do name the theory, "Fikri's theory". Self marketing at its pinnacle!

Now, i am informing you that at this very moment, i do need a rush of endorphins to my head.

Please give me some tablets of endorphins. I really do need them. Sheesh.

PS : Caught a fever. Need to study. Will be off for awhile...NOTTTT!