Exams are over!

This is my "To do list", since i am not going anywhere this winter.

-learn to prepare kaya from Dauz tomorrow morning (kalau bangun awal)
-read novels by Don DeLillo, Chuck Palahniuk and Hunter S. Thompson
-go shopping on eBay. God knows how much i've wasted my money. Heh.
-read articles/news/stuffs
-watch a bunch of documentaries downloaded through the net. Especially download : the history of the internet, a discovery channel special. Highly recommended.
-sleep a lot
-eat a lot
-hopefully, yes hopefully i will try to learn Arabic like seriously. I've been stuck at lesson number 5 since November or was it October. While the title is Arabic made easy, i have to say it is quite misleading. It should be "Arabic made easy, but not for a lazy bum like you Afiq Fikri". Any volounteers to teach me?
-blog some more
-wait for the arrival of my "special one"

If i manage to complete all the above, it would be a fruitful holiday period for me.

Now, i want to do some laundry.


Yopiscky said...

afiq, aku dgr skang ni ang dah tak bermain muzik di masa lapang..apa cita?

QifA said...

sat sapa crita kat hang?...aku dah tua dah..angkat gitar pon tak larat dah..haha

Yopiscky said...

syapik kot kalo tak silap..
btoi ka fiq?takkan berubah sampai camtu?tak larat angkat gitar angkat drumstick dah la haha

QifA said...

rambut pon dah stat gugoq dah..nak angkat drumstick pon pikiaq 2-3 kali dulu..haha

Kamal said...

yeah. play music dude. drums aku bley dah skit² since housemate aku ade drum set.. so when will you?

QifA said...

haha..always thought of playind drums..bt nw i thnk i prefer the piano..